Blue Gum Black Eye

The race-mixing propaganda is getting so try-hard. It’s as if the makers are desperate for one last charge at brainwashing a public rapidly souring on their poz.



  1. Speaking of sick things, listen to this, Obama chose a man who did paintings of BEHEADED WHITE WOMEN to do his portrait

    no this is NOT fake news

    gogle Kehinde Miley beheaded painting or Obama portrait

    I repeat ; Obama admires a man who did paintings of BEHEADED WHITE WOMEN, admires him so much he ahd him do his portrait

    you have to golge that

    Obama is a very VERY sick man

    oh and guess who beheaded the white woman in the two paintings ? a BLACK woman

    Obama is a very sick in the head man


  2. Another ape humps another HB3 (slender edition).

    We need to counter this attempted psycho agitprop. I suggest the following link as a start:

    It’s when they hit the 7s and above that White amygdalae notice.

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  3. That terrible haircut she has always indicates a schoolmarmish harridan. Not far in the future, even the kid won’t be able to stand being around her.


  4. A healthy life cannot be found in Shitholistan, but insurance can mitigate the bad and worse options available when Societal Collapse leads to breeding porch monkeys. Antiviral and antibacterial medicines can only go so far. Planned Parenthood by Margaret Sanger is for the problems of dysgenic rapine. Kill the lower breeds off so we can Make America Not Ape Again. #Abortwakanda

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  5. Kaiser Permanente is going this route bigtime. Every ad, every Web page, every glossy poster or handout at the clinics seems to be an idealized nog female or couple and idealized noglet…or a mixed race couple/family, and the male is never white.

    In fact the only images of white males I’ve seen when taking an elder friend there for treatment are the images of doctors. Which may be significant (the PC iconography distracting from the fact that the real work of medicine is done by white guys).

    In June, the local KP medical center hangs a three-storey-long maybe 20 foot wide fagflag on the front of the building. I’m preparing my data points for this year to ask in writing why they are proselytizing for a vast-minority set of choices/behaviors that account for such a high rate of diseases both physical and mental and all the associated, and mostly externalized on others, costs.


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