Blue Gum Black Eye

The race-mixing propaganda is getting so try-hard. It’s as if the makers are desperate for one last charge at brainwashing a public rapidly souring on their poz.



  1. Speaking of sick things, listen to this, Obama chose a man who did paintings of BEHEADED WHITE WOMEN to do his portrait

    no this is NOT fake news

    gogle Kehinde Miley beheaded painting or Obama portrait

    I repeat ; Obama admires a man who did paintings of BEHEADED WHITE WOMEN, admires him so much he ahd him do his portrait

    you have to golge that

    Obama is a very VERY sick man

    oh and guess who beheaded the white woman in the two paintings ? a BLACK woman

    Obama is a very sick in the head man


  2. Another ape humps another HB3 (slender edition).

    We need to counter this attempted psycho agitprop. I suggest the following link as a start:

    It’s when they hit the 7s and above that White amygdalae notice.

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  3. That terrible haircut she has always indicates a schoolmarmish harridan. Not far in the future, even the kid won’t be able to stand being around her.


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