1. One of the blacks should climb down from the billboard and pick that trash off the sidewalk. Or would that be to “labourious” for them?


      1. One of the great gifts my father and grandfather gave me was their hatred of Winnie, and explanation why.

        Also Woodrow Wilson.


  2. There’s never been an example of a government purposely giving away its country to hostile foreign aliens before.

    That anxiety, disgust, revulsion, trepidation,and unrest you feel, that’s what that is, you instinctively sense it even without rationalizing it.

    Its is a crime, not a policy option:

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  3. No doubt many of you already know this but that same party holds youth meetings where white people are completely barred from attending (and this is the main opposition party).

    Notice how blacks are placed ahead/above of the other minorities? The UK appears to be headed toward some serious trouble. I hope the opposition campaigns to the British public with these things during their next election.


  4. At least they are honest about their racism and open hatred for whites. Any white that votes for them deserves to live in a tar monster sh*thole.


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