1. @Feral Sigma

      However, if you notice, it’s a white man/black woman dynamic. And these look like your stereotype empowered sassy bitch black women. And the men look like wimpy idiots. Wonder why they don’t feature the traditional dynamic involving a white man and an Asian woman. Maybe it’s the whole “OMG you’re exploiting these poor Third Country women dynamic.” Now I don’t understand why white men would go after Filipina chicks who are ugly and bitchy, but you see my point.


  1. There’s never been an example of a government purposely giving away its country to hostile foreign aliens before.

    That anxiety, disgust, revulsion, trepidation,and unrest you feel, that’s what that is, you instinctively sense it even without rationalizing it.

    Its is a crime, not a policy option:


    1. “There’s never been an example of a government purposely giving away its country to hostile foreign aliens before.” Um, fall of Rome?


  2. I’m ready to drop Netfuks as they seem to be pushing their new gay agenda. Their newest, Altered Carbon, starts off with a lesbian scene. That’s as far as I got. I keep telling the corps that you start mixing social justice with business you’re gonna lose every time.


    1. Netflix is totally converged. Altered Carbon was another Magic Negro love fest, with a feisty female Hispanic cop, noble and rational Muslim cop, with a large number of North Asians occupying key positions. And low and behold, the ruling Meths are mostly evil, perverted, Whites. And Netflix distributed the Cloverfield Paradox, which has a diverse crew of two negroes (one the commander of the mission), one Chinese female engineer, one Indian/Paki looking spiritual leader, 3 White men (who are, of course, argumentative trouble makers). Yeah, like you are going to have over a 25 percent black crew on a scientific mission to save the world. The entire premise of most movies and TV shows today is to provide exceptional role models for minorities, which will undoubtedly result in future generations of minorities being exceptional. Because how and why? Muh feelz.


  3. There’s never been an example of a government purposely giving away its country to hostile foreign aliens before.

    the Romans imported the Visigoths who would wind up destroying them.


  4. also, the Old Testament warns that the Stranger in your midst will rule over you.

    and that was the Hebrews being warned that this would be a problem.

    so, this has been going on for at least 3000 years.


  5. I don’t think that “””they””” are try to “TELL” us something; they are trying to “SELL” us something.


    1. Exactly. And it’s being paid for by those who find this sort of thing obnoxious and pay attention to the trollilng.

      I have no idea what any of the above is, except Netflix, which I used briefly in the early Aughts but ended because who the hell wants to sit in front of a TV that much when there’s wooden boats to build. I advise us all to starve them of attention and build white community via white activities. Like making things by hand that our ancestors did.


  6. These days I no longer fast forwards through the commercials when I haul out an old VHS tape from the 80s. You never see stuff like this then, even the 90s or early 2000s they wouldn’t show interracial couples. I assumed businesses didn’t want to turn off their customers. But these days it seems the (((advertising and marketing companies))) put out whatever they feel like it regardless what the mundane company had in mind when ordering a commercial. Has to the coming from the (((advertising industry))) as I see this in ads for Japanese multinational products and no way would any Japanese executive ever conceive of such for an add campaign. Given their own I see how Asians choose to market to Americans, they give us Brady Bunch type grinning families because that is what they assume we are still like.


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