Swirling (the drain).

PS the black dude’s wedding ring is the least credible part of this piece of propaganda.



  1. “PS the black dude’s wedding ring is the least credible part of this piece of propaganda”

    Its not intended to be credible. If the (((ad agency))) was truly targeting the supposed emerging “mixed family” (more bullshit), then it would feature a White man and Asian woman. Its ALWAYS a black male paired with a white female. The ONLY purpose is to demoralize and humiliate.


  2. Remember when a swirlie was when you stuck someone’s head in a toilet & flushed it? Pepperidge Farms remembers. Pepperidge Farms doesn’t like the “new” swirlies.

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      1. I’d wager that anytime a lefty makes contact with a stronger male in a bathroom stall, they make that “excited raised-eyebrows open-mouth face”, regardless what’s about to happen.


  3. As repulsive as it is, it is hard to blame the negro males for preferring the beauty of White females to their own women. But, any White woman that mud sharks has something wrong with her. A spiritual sickness.

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  4. “You know the system. They want to throw vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream
    into the mixing bowl of integration…out of which will come a conglomerated, mulatto, mongrel class of ice cream! Both flavors will be destroyed in such a movement.”


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