1. Adopting that premise, perhaps we Aryans should migrate north and re-occupy our Hyperborean lands, leaving them to “dream” visions of sugarplums in ghost towns.

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  2. “No Borders”
    “No Nations”

    And after the protest is over bitch throws her sign down and drives off in a car with Mexican or El Salvadoran flag bumper stickers.

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  3. “We’re Here To Stay”

    Until YT’s free shit runs out and the war begins between them and the blacks for what is left.


  4. “We hate Donald Trump and America!”

    “We want to remain in America where Donald Trump is president!”

    These low IQ schmucks are (((getting played so hard))) and have no idea.


  5. No borders, no countries means our country becomes a shithole just like the country they came from. I cant wait.


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