1. Marilyn Monroe once said “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” And boy was she right. After all, she died alone from a drug overdose. Years of fame, fortune, adulation, multiple husbands, and banging JFK and possibly RFK amounted to nothing. It is my understanding that it was her ex husband Joe Di Maggio that had to claim the body. And that’s how bad it got. Nobody could handle her at her worst which means no one put up with her shit. Plus, other than that hot set of tits and ass, no one really got to deserve her at her best because she was being a thermonuclear level bitch. That girl up there, unless she bags herself a nice beta soiboi willing to handle her, will end up in the same situation, possibly being devoured by her multiple cats and her Yorkie after her demise.

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    1. Norma Jean Baker was alright in her youth, but she rapidly adopted a middle-aged body well before middle age.

      No bombshell, this; more of a bomb.

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    2. Re: Norma Jean–the dope-booze-and-Jew cocktail is a helluva drug you know. Add to that constant exposure to the mental asylum that is Challahwood…it’s a recipe for Soul Theft.


  2. Technically a party-opponent-admission, because the witness is still available.

    But the layman’s (heh) term you use is superior in effect.


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