1. What exactly NASA do these days? Oh yeah, diversity, climate change and occasionally beg the Russians to take us to space because we don’t have the will or know-how.

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  2. Hey Heartiste what is your opinion on chinks getting in on hating whitey?
    Saw this thread and checked the all links, it’s all legit.

    It’s about how Asian guys getting into porn with a focus on making porn where they cuckold white guys. Guys known for having small dicks are now attacking whites through porn.
    They are even crowdfunding it on their reddit sites.



  3. Here at the Military Industrial Complex, we are proud of the level of breeding our monkeys display that allow us to test our next generation of ICBM Missile Technology. We can keep making better and faster missiles as long as we have monkeys wearing bright happy smiles to distract the plebeians. Many monkeys have died from accidents and failures, but the profits speak for themselves. Plenty more where that came from.

    THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: Never have so many made so many sacrifices to enrich the few.
    A failsafe investment for the future of the select few. M-I-C is the key to profitability.


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