The Normalization Of Child Abuse

I know what you’re thinking. “This is 2018. I’m not really looking at a young girl in this photo, am I?”

And you’d be right! You’re not!

Two headcases for the price of one: The mom is “transitioning” (aka guzzling male hormones and lopping her tits off) into a man.


  1. He-she wanna be.
    Body and soul just don’t agree.
    There’s an answer.
    Got to go for a Tijuana tuck n roll.

    He-she done got….a zipper job.


  2. Let the cleansing fires descend. The comments at the link, and at the youtube link posted by another commenter above are absolutely disgusting.

    We’re gonna need a bigger gallows.


  3. Can someone more cognizant of the Synagogue of Latter Day Psychology explain to me how what I’m witnessing here is not a fetishization disorder?


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