1. She has an attractive face which makes her gross obesity all the more unforgiveable. Aye matey, harpoon that fucking whale! It’s another Lindy West clone.


  2. What a shocker: she’s “obsessed” with something containing buttermilk.

    But honestly, what I find more loathsome is the cloying kiss-ass tone of the write-up. I think I got the sugar diabetes from that tsunami of treacle.

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  3. Decreased fertility? Rock star!!

    Diabetes by your mid thirties? Totes “fierce”!

    Heart disease and wrecked knees by age 45? “Amazing”, goys! So fucking “brave”!!

    Now go fuck as many black guys as you can while you still have all your toes.

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  4. She is only 17 but looks mid to late 20’s and it’s all from the 50lbs she’s lugging around. Thats tragic.
    There’s nothing cute, brave or fierce about gluttony. Its a sin for good reason.
    There was a time, not long ago, when even a thin woman would be ashamed to have strangers see her binging on junk food. Its unfemenine and indicates a myriad of character flaws.


    1. Yep, not necessarily thin, but she could lose some weight yet keep enough baby fat in the places that matter: her hips and breasts. That way she can birth and nourish healthy, strong babies.


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