O Gaynada!

“The sex you want”. A perfect slogan for the pathologically narcissistic Gaynadian. It’s sloganeered solipsism, which is why it sounds like the other person who presumably is part of the sex transaction isn’t even there.

Western societies are institutionalizing mass solipsism. If the reaction to this is mass selflessness, the coming clash will be over in a fortnight.


  1. In the last two years I´ve visited Germany, France, England and Canada and i have to say that Gaynada is the most cucked country of all of them, even worse than Germany.

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  2. Calling a policy journalist to investigate the Toronto Transit Commission’s guidelines for which ads are allowed on public property.


  3. I’m going to court in a couple of weeks and will likely be pleading to a misdemeanor. That means I’ll be barred from Canada for ten years. I should probably thank them.

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  4. Geez!!! This is not news!!! Gays need to feel accepted too. There’s nothing wrong with that type of sex. It’s heathy in mind and body.


  5. “…the other “”””person””””…”

    Let’s not kid ourselves, this is just group mastürbātion. Ģays are totally incapable of experiencing lôve that resembles what we’re accustomed to.


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