1. Does she wetnurse? And if so, does she charge by the hour or the fluid ounce?
    Also, a photo in this context was never taken in the 1950s. Not even in that one parallel universe people always whisper about.


  2. Eh.. if she’s crazy enough to post this she’s probably crazy enough to kill the kid if you promise to put another baby in her. Not a good LTR prospect, but..

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  3. Just set up a GoFundMe, ya dumb bitch, then you can fleece thirsty beta suckers without even pretending to be willing to meet them.

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  4. Mezzo-attractive, but perhaps worth redeeming. Born in the nineties, knows nothing about the fifties or any other era except the Enemy propaganda with which she was inculcated, yet is “stuck” in a “fifies mindset?” She wants to be a stay-at-home mom until she can dump her son into the Enemy’s compulsory public indoctrination system. Hm. What then? Careerism? Pet husband? Pussy hats? Campaign for Oprah? Cats? Loneliness and despair? Ah, youth.

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  5. She’s whoring herself through some app showing that she is lactating her baby, and I think that only 2 kinds of men will answer to that:

    1. Thirsty betas with a saveaho complex.

    2. Weirdos with some strange fetish with milk.

    Both scenarios are disturbing.

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  6. It may be old news around here, but be extremely wary of any woman on a dating site who says “My child is my world!”. That just means that the kid’s the excuse whenever it’s convenient, which is invariably when you place even the slightest demand on her.

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  7. That’s one dead-eyed, rough looking 21 year old. The display of titty is offered as a preview of reward, providing you provide (1950s mindset and all). Oh, and “my son is my world”. IOW, you come third, at best. Where do I sign up?


    1. You think this would be a bad deal for you? I guarantee, “my world” statements notwithstanding, the kid comes second whenever it really counts.

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      1. Even if untrue, getting with single moms does have one unique benefit–it gives you quasi-children to care for you in your old age which you will never have to pay child support for. Kind of the best of both worlds.


  8. I hate to admit, 20 years ago I might have fallen for this. I would have told myself the biological father was an abusive schmuck, druggie, insane, etc,etc. If she would have slept with this thirsty guy (me) I’d probably made every excuse in the world for her. Glad I’m smarter and older with vastly less patience for chick’s BS.


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