1. Seriously, is there anyone who actually needs to practice putting a fucking rubber on their cock? It requires all the dexterity of unlocking a door. Can we trust these guys to shoot straight?

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  2. A week things I get out of this pic:

    One, for anyone, not in the know, these guys are Security Forces, or as I like to refer to them as Defensor Fucktards. Or in civilian speak, military cops. Now I can’t speak of the other branches, but Security Forces Airmen tend to be dismissed as just gate guards and citation issuers. That being said, this training and the related SARC training is a waste of time (who h I will explain below) better suited for actual military training.

    Two, most of these guys here are Airmen First Class, equivalent to Private First Class in the Army or Lance Corporal in the Marines. These guys are low ranking and most likely just left Tech Training and just showed up at their duty station. They’re are then going thru their initial briefings. Poor guys. They are learning something they should have learned from sex ed in high school or from their parents. Same with not raping others and not getting raped by others, or not drinking too much. I guess parents nowadays are too busy virtue signaling to teach their kids basic shit.

    Also, I just noticed a female Airman, I mean, an Airperson. At least she’s learning how to put the condom on all the guys she’s going to bang as soon as she deploys to Afghanistan

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    1. It’s not like they had a choice. It’s called ORDERS. They are under orders to attend, by the base CO.What isn’t visible is all the laughter and endless jokes being told, mainly by the sergeant. Also, if they had a choice is was probably between crappy duty on base, or the class.

      No mudsharks because IT’S ABOUT DILDOS AND CONDOMS. WOMEN are out of that line of country, though most in the military wish they could be, especially with their dyke GFs.

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  3. Compared to today’s nasty tat covered skanks that pass for common, the lady in the pic above looks like perfect marriage material. How times have changed.

    Imagine what today’s women under 30 would be perceived like in those days. Dyky man haircut, tat covered, smells bad, dresses like a whore, and wears a permanent snarly scowl on her face 24/7. No man would come with ten miles of such a scum bucket. Now, men settle for that all the time…because…beta cucks and mind control.

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