1. I see a little child, blissfully unaware of what’s going on, flanked by two puds with ARs, who, if they had an ounce of bravery, would be standing against the traitors who enabled this waking nightmare, rather than standing around and enabling it.

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    1. Taking down the traitors would be a one-week job. Working for the traitors, OTOH, pays a lot better and a lot longer. There’s also Dental and a 401k.
      Also, ‘member the days when only The Terrorists wore ski masks? Member?


  2. A strange photo indeed–indicative of our times. I wonder what the occasion is, some kind of pre-teen slut walk? Are those Playboy bunny ears? Are we to infer that those shock troopers are protecting her from something? I thought nominally white girls were deemed expendable in the Brave Jew World.

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  3. Ow, that is painful. From the neck up she looks like everything adorable about girlhood, everything else tells you she never had a proper girlhood and likely will never become a decent woman. :’-<


  4. “Sorry honey, you’re not going to hand over my hard-earned money to some slatternly ‘pop star’ so she can further convince you to shit on the better parts of your culture.” Problem solved.

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  5. The eyes on the guy on the left is one who has come to stark terms with the fact that, should GloboJihad make an appearance, he may have to hit one of these little ones in order to prevent further violence.

    How one can see the innocence up close but realize you are the one who wields the destructive force that can obliterate it in an instant must take its toll.


  6. To me the most poignant detail of this image is the blue EMT shears the trooper on the left is wearing on his chest. Being prepared for a mass casualty event at a teenybopper concert is now just common sense. It made me think about the fact that I carry a pair every day as part of my EDC too. We really are living in a different world now.


  7. I never got the whole animal ears thing, just like I never got the whole Instagram animal filters thing. Maybe it’s a way for people, but especially girls, to pretend to be a cute bunny wabbit and hop along with no care of the world, not knowing there’s wolves and eagles and owls ready for the easy pickings. Lucky for this tot (for now), she’s got two wolfhounds at the ready. Truly, for all the you go grrl badass feminists talk, they still need men to protect her. Btw, where’s the lady cops?

    And look at the eyes on the one on the right. There hasn’t been a shot fired yet, and he looks like he’s going through an early phase of PTSD.

    And as for the girl, she’s definitely pretty. In other times, in maybe five years, she would have been wife material just on beauty alone.

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    1. I can’t say for certain the female motivation behind the Instagram animal filters (perhaps merely childish cutesiness?) but it is a fairly reliable indicator of at least a wannabe, if not an actual, whore.


      1. I know a couple of church women in their 20s who do it and they are rather childish emotionally and psychologically — Asians, too — Asians mature later? Or they just haven’t had any real responsibility yet. (Unmarried, no children.)


  8. I know it’s the holiday season so I hope you’re just on vacation. It’s been a week since you posted…I’m just hoping you haven’t gone AWOL again. You are missed.


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