Londonistan Calling

There is a chance this is subversive dissident art rather than sincere suicidal ideation. If found to be the former, this post will be moved to the Welcome Back, America photoblog.


  1. chance that it’s subversion? i’d put that at a negative percentage.

    just like Linda Sarsour, to a shitlib refugees are “incapable” of rape. as with racism, rape requires a power imbalance. and only evil straight white males have the institutional power necessary to commit it.


  2. That’s someone trying to wake us all up, that is. There are terrible things going on right now, everywhere, to all sorts of people, and it doesn’t have to be this way.
    What refugee walks 3000 miles?! These people are being bussed around the world under all sorts of pretenses, for unclear reeasons by who? And Why? God help & bless us all, this Christmas.


    1. From the article: “Outrage was quick to follow, given that refugees are at high risk of sexual abuse, and the mural was swiftly painted over.”

      Bit ambiguous (don’t they mean “sexually abusing”?) but seems like a good sign.


  3. FWIW the sponsored ad I got on this page (borrowed Android device) is for the Seattle Men’s Chorus and Seattle Women’s Chorus tour of whatever whatever.

    Not long ago I saw somewhere a photo of today’s SMC with circles drawn around the members who were with the chorus 25 years ago or something. The lesson we were supposed to draw was what terrible victims and brave survivors these few remaining characters were, and something something those who died because something something till there’s a cure something angels in America something something something quilt.

    My immediate reaction was a sense of appreciation for retroviruses and keen curiosity about how much each one of the dead queers cost not only in dollars but in siphoning off medical attention/beds/resources from others. The exoticization of queer sex launched in the ’80s around AIDS smelled more like Crisco and feces than jasmine, but I can’t help thinking of it as an isomeric phenomenon to the above.


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