1. I had the same read.

      Let us not forget that it was the Lutheran and Catholic denoms who got paid hundreds of millions of dollars to “resettle” “refugees” via an interlocking web of private, public, and denominational organizations. Both their parishes, their colleges, and their “social services” arms. I’m sure the Lutheran investment company (name’s escaping me) and Vatican Bank are in on the action.

      I finally bit the lutefusk to join Sons of Norway about three years ago. Went to the parent web site in Norway. I was greeted with a photo of two bulb-headed bluegums and a caption about “Norwegian heritage something something.” Went to the site of the SofN in the nearby big city and was greeted with a photo of two epicene knitting soyveys named Arne and Carlos.

      Suffice it to say, I didn’t join. Though I do attend “Nordic Day” at the local outpost, which is all white except for a few highly respectful local Injuns.


  1. Perfect caption. The poor boy looks less than enthusiastic and under duress. The inferred mother is the perfect portrait of a type: stupid, self-righteous, ignorant, sycophantic, blasé, cuck. Makes one almost ashamed to be white.

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  2. All are welcome here?

    Don’t seem to be pulling on a lot of people from eastern europe or some of the more third world parts of China now do they?


  3. Little dude needs only look over his shoulder to see his future, the cucked out gelding holding the “Refugees Welcome” sign. It’s all downhill from here, your mom will see to that.


  4. I don’t see a single adult there who’s loss wouldn’t be a net benefit to our nation. I suppose the children might still have a chance.


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