1. …And when it was finished, he reflected that his most dangerous and lethal enemies weren’t power mad Zionists, or Muslim terrorists, or bloodthirsty mestizos, or cannibalistic black militants, or degenerate fetishists, or murderous marxists… it was pale, scrawny, soft spoken trust fund Unitarians from places like Swarthmore and Bowdoin.


    1. All denominations are comped, and have been for many years. Look at what is being taught in seminaries: “social justice.” Also, explicit kowtowing to Jews (it’s no longer the Old Testament, it’s the “Hebrew Bible”).

      How far our once great churches have fallen. All denominations are now unitarian universalist cosmopolitan, i.e. globalist communist, organs. Sad.


  2. Unitarian Universalist? That’s not even a church. That’s a circle jerk for morons too stupid and scared to be atheists.

    Director of “Religious” Education Kim Caple. Damn near certain she crafted the “swarthy fuckers welcome here!” sign.

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  3. I’d imagine they could put Baphomet in place of Christ in their nativity scene, and not a single member of the congregation would complain.

    The God of the Old Testament would sort this aberration out properly…

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  4. Lost so many followers churches are getting desperate.

    Problem is; churches have forgotten they are actually supposed to be involved and relevant to their society.

    So many of them through corrupt or just virtue signaling or clueless don’t do anything anymore.

    Basically churches need to start playing the game like Jews do; set up their own banks, stores and what ever else they can.

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    1. They don’t get it: if religious institutions are exactly the same in every regard as secular institutions, why would anyone bother with them?

      I know of at least three all girls Catholic schools that have folded in recent years, and they all share on thing: new female principal wants to “modernize the experience”, so they de-emphasize any actual religious instruction, replace it with goodfeelz virtue-signalling proggie bollix, and of course, ditch school uniforms because “not everyone looks good in one” (but every girl apparently looks good with the now standard lazy whore look).

      The end result: parents don’t want to fork over tens of thousands of dollars, even for their precious princess, to go to a school that’s like every public. Besides, there’s always at least one good public school they can manage to get the kid into, and they pay taxes, so why not?

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    1. It’s easy to see that their destruction is baked in to the message. It’s hard to accept that they insist on taking us all with them.


    2. I’d bet that the above congregation is down to about a dozen people. Ten white women, one cucked husband, and a fag. They’re telling people that failure to abide by any of the above strictures will make them unwelcome. Unfortunately for them, the narrow demographic that buys into all of those statements is likely to be populated by people that fancy themselves too smart and worldly to fall for that “god crap”.

      They support perversion of human nature, black racism, demonizing fellow humans based on the conclusions they draw from demonstrable facts. They believe that prioritizing one’s home and family is immoral, toss in more support for perverting nature, and conclude with some hosannas for baby killing. As bad as all that is, the worst part is these fuckwits then conclude that God is supportive of their immoral spit-balling.

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  5. Dont know anything about the Unitarian church but the Catholic church has been shoveling this same cultural marxism agenda for decades. And that includes worshiping the Jews and the minorities. I was in Catholic school from 5-18 years old. Its amazing that I have a brain in my head. When I was a kid they would continually show us films about the blacks and white oppression. Continually going on and on about how we are all the same and are all god’s children. This was on top of being taught over and over about Judaism customs and holidays.

    One big problem is that I grew up in a town that went completely black so I got to see diversity first hand. You want to have cognitive dissonance – on one hand they are preaching the we are all the same nonsense but you are getting your butt beaten by gangs of blacks on way to/from school.

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  6. Islam is far more than a religion. It is also a way of life, a set of customs and if not constrained by outside forces an economic AND governmental system. Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life. It is our right and DUTY to preserve our Western way of life.

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