Anyone figure out what’s going on here? Garden variety race cucking, or a prank? The kid up front has the right reaction.



    1. Fucking cunt. When they showed me my daughter for the first time, an overpowering feeling came over me, a feeling of accomplishment in Biblical terms. All I could think was “I can die peacefully now,” and I don’t mean that in a morbid sense. I had gone forth and multiplied and the proof, in the image of God, was right in front of me. An indescribable feeling of love and peace swamped me.

      You’d have to be the worst kind of subhuman to feel what Jolie claims to have felt.

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      1. How could Shiloh ever feel “privileged” with such a hateful, disgusting pile of protoplasm as her birthing tank?

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    2. I’m sure Angelina’s attitude will do wonders for Shiloh once she grows up.

      There is a reason why I sometimes think certain people should be forcibly sterilized.

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      1. Considering her daughter apparently “identifies” as a man or some such thing and that was a year or so back from what I remember, it seems like it’s already taking it’s toll on her.


    3. Maybe it’s a bit off topic, but maybe not, but I can’t believe Angelina Jolie is 32. Considering I’m one year older, at least I still get carded occasionally when buying alcohol.

      I think her age has to do in that whole she was already going off the rails for a while now, she’s getting into that age where she just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Or else, why would she belittle the one child who came from her flesh?

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      1. Never misunderestimate the antipathy with which many parents regard their natural born offspring.

        Pile atop that the kind of Hollywood Crazy of a female who hates the male who bred her and hates the daughter who reminds her of mortality.

        The child should but won’t be removed from the hatred, which is going to harden into a kind of violence against children her rich famous mama doesn’t have a foundation for.

        Because after all this crazy female is merely giving voice to what so many people feel about white girls and women. All hail the Hollywood Feminists!

        Remember that this crazy female was allowed to shack up with her boyfriend in her parents’ home at age 14.

        Remember, as soon as this child was born, her mother and father whored her to Getty Images for many millions of dollars.


      1. Great. Mom and dad give all their love to their #fakeoffspring; and since cutting is so last decade, their real child has to wear a strapon for attention.
        I hope that girl finds a way to normalcy.


  1. Haha, this one isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just a black guy posing with a white family. The white guy is cut-looking and the black guy is wearing a camo hat. This could be army buddies.


      1. heh
        i’m considering returning from arkansas back to texas where my scots irish cracker ancestors settled to avoid carpetbaggers
        perhaps you should return to a papist nation


  2. I am guessing that it is a family on vacation (from some area in Europe still low in vibrancy) at some tropical location, and the female wants to take a picture with a ‘local’ to put on her Assbook page to get some approval comments from her left-wing leaning bitch friends. Posturing via Pickaninny.


  3. On the OP photo, isn’t that cernobitch and his first family, where he got cucked out by a ‘groid?

    And that jolie creature is hellspawn, another example of a pretty body hiding an evil mind. She’ll rot in hell, via swinging on a lamp post methinks.


    1. Honestly it seems a little; I don’t think “try hard” is quite right, but more like projecting.

      She realized that despite whatever they may have said to others or told themselves, that at the end of the day the love between a parent and their biological child is different than from an adopted child.

      So she’s saying that to assure her adopted children I guess? Maybe her self.


  4. Liev Schreiber Brings His Son as Harley Quinn to Comic-Con:

    ”After the birth of their second son in 2009, Naomi Watts said she would be down for a third child with her boyfriend Liev Schrebier if there was a guarantee it was a girl. She always wanted a girl. Many of the female commenters noted how beautiful a Watts-Schreiber baby girl might be and how much fun Watts would have dressing her up so pretty. The third child never came about.”
    Naomi be needing the pimp hand.


    1. I’ll bet ol’ Liev sleeps well, imagining his son being spit-roasted in truck stop bathrooms for a hit of meth.

      Of course, we’re supposed to believe a large section of “the internet” thinks this is “bold, expressive and lovely”. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so digusting and destructive.


      1. Any father that doesn’t raise some sort of objection to his son dressing like a mentally ill woman may have been Eifel Towered himself in all likelihood. Even for the young transvestite in training Harley Quinn is a shitty role model.


      2. Dressing like a mentally ill woman…. who, in 90 secs of clips from that movie, was with two different groids. That kid’s going to be roasted in a bus stop restroom, not a truck stop.


    2. Good Lord!

      I had to look up both Naomi Watts as well as Harley Quinn to see who these individuals were.



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