Child Indoctrination

“My name is Harmonica Sunbeam,” the reader said, in a voice used to loud rooms. As a warm-up, she had the children sing “This Land Is Your Land” and then march vigorously in place. “I’m getting you ready for Zumba,” she said to laughter from the over-6 set.

She sat down and read aloud from “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress” by Christine Baldacchino. The book is about a boy who wore a beloved dress to school every day.

Didn’t the final Fatima Prophecy warn about this very thing?


  1. VERY SICK INDEED…kids have enough to deal with we don’t need this kind of sick warped garbage force fed them by some gender confused mentally ill creature…


  2. the infuriating part is that instead of reading to their children themselves, these scumbag parents are taking their kids to libraries to listen to these degenerates. a normal girl would never dress that way, so these kids initially see them as clowns, but then they think that it’s normal for boys to dress like this.

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  3. “Come, children! Let’s listen to the mentally ill for awhile.”

    This person should be nowhere near children. Societal norms are beneficial. A society without them does not remain a society for long. In fact, seeing crap like this make me wonder if Islam wouldn’t be a positive thing for Western society. I know it isn’t, but I keep looking at that image and . . .ugh.

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  4. I would welcome a world ending meteor crashing into the earth at this point. Stories like this just confirm we need some type of cataclysm, because life has become to easy for everyone.

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    1. I don’t want a meteor to crash into the world.. while I agree that this world needs to be 100% cleansed and start over with the bees or the roaches or something.. BUT, I don’t want it to be instant.. I want to WATCH theses asshats suffer for a while. Even is I am suffering with them, their tears will soothe my soul!


    2. I’d rather see God bring back lightning strikes — the kind people where used to say “I’m gonna stand far away from so-and-so, in case he gets struck by lightning.” Only it hasn’t happened in so frickin long, that nobody fears God or his lightning anymore. Hey mom, can we see the clown show at the liberry? Uhhh, not today kids, weatherman says there might be lightning. Let’s go to Chick-Fil-A.
      God, if you’re on the internet, pay attention. (Please.)

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    3. Meteor?

      All it would take is a passel of dads of children in that school to go find Skinflute Kitchenmixer after the next drag pageant and haul it into an alley to pay it for its services rendered to the kiddies.

      Tripplepoints if the dads mask up as tranny. That wouldn’t be a Hate Crime. Just some sort of highly evolved but lamentable and social counseling worthy Domestic Violence or Relationship Stress or whatever.

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    4. I agree! I am still hoping for an EMP blast. When a civilization becomes soft like this one has, it is doomed. Things are waaaaay too easy for your average person. I have a 23 year old son and he has a friend who doesn’t know how to put gas in his car….Mommy has always done it for him.
      We are screwed unless something changes…fast!

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  5. “Ms. Aimee agreed, adding, “As long as you don’t read the comments by trolls on the website.””

    Soopryse soopryse, the pussies at the Carlos Slim Blog aren’t having any comments on this travesty.

    ““Children love dressing up and being imaginative in what they wear,” Ms. Aimee said. “They see drag queens as people who are doing the same thing, expressing themselves creatively and having fun with it. Also, kids have a much more fluid understanding of gender than most adults do.”

    Fucking bullshit like that makes me want to go on a slapping spree. Projecting your pathetic inability to be an adult and deal with real life and projecting that onto kids. Fucking child abusing scumbag.

    “However, the differences between a rowdy drag show audience and a group of kindergartners are not as pronounced as one might imagine.

    Little kids can be wild, Ms. Shapiro said. “We like to joke that they’re kind of like drunk adults,” she said.”


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    1. I feel your pain brother…it’s a fucking wonder more people like you and I haven’t snapped already and gone on a killing spree of this vermin


  6. I work in manufacturing. I wear safety shoes and work clothes. I don’t wear make up, either. Is my gender male? I’ve spent my whole life thinking my SEX was female and gender was a linguistic term. Thankfully Harmonica has shown me the glittery truth. My experiences with puberty, marriage, childbirth, miscarriage, and a breast cancer scare were not true female experiences. Wearing outrageous costumes, freakish plastic surgery, and a sassy denial of reality are.

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  7. As someone with a 3 year old, I can tell you that a large number of children’s books these days slip in SJW themes. Not only do you need to keep an eye out for shit like this, but you need to carefully comb through the books before you check them out.

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  8. This is a long term seeding/indoctrination program to help sodomites reproduce after their own kind (‘reproduction’ being an imprecise term; ‘conversion,’ as we know, is more accurate). It’ll take years to pay off, and not every child will be perverted from nature, but enough will be to sustain the sodomites’ present 2-3% of the population. It will be enough for them to consider it worth the effort.


    1. I have a similar theory about indoctrinating kids thru cartoon shows. The tide started shifting in the early 90s, when you started having shows like Captain Planet who created rainbows when he flew, with a diverse group of teens, fighting evil corpirate polluters. Also include Barney singing about loving everyone, Spongebob with his twinkish antics, hugging and laying on his best friend, the only female characters on that show are a dykey squirrel, a puffer fish (fat older woman), and Mr Krabs daughter who is a whale SJW. Watch any catroon show on Cartoon Network and they all have gay undertones, cross dressing, and borderline retarded characters. Most parents don’t really sit and watch this shit, but their kids are and soaking up these ridiculous narratives, because they don’t know any better.

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  9. Just think how productive that freak would be in a labor camp, instead of spreading it’s sickness and poisoning little minds. I’ll bet a degenerate like that could pick thousands of pounds of cotton before it dropped dead.


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