1. The real question is, who the hell is getting married here?
    The Indian woman and the broad in the blue dress with her hand on her leg?

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  2. The more pertinent question is, how much did this wedding cost? Probably as much as the house that they won’t afford anymore or which will be foreclosed come the next housing bubble burst. And then I suppose the girl’s Indian parents will see him as an untouchable.


  3. As far as the seating arrangement goes, my money is on the redhead, the Desi, and the blonde in polyamorous lesbian matrimony. Just ask the kid in the green shirt, he knows what’s up.


  4. So this reminds me. Baby Jessica (who fell into the well) grew up and married a beaner! That’s what happened to 80’s America.


  5. The picture reminds me of Baby Jessica McClure(who captured Americans’ hearts in the late 80s when we was trapped in a well)… now Jessica Morales


  6. This could be a lot worse. The Desi is light, bright, and damn near white, probably a Brahmin or Kshatryia — which makes her Caucasoid.

    What’s more disturbing is — where is the groom? The blonde cougar is clamping such a possessive paw on her leg that it leads one to fear the worst.


    1. “The Desi is light, bright, and damn near white, probably a Brahmin or Kshatryia — which makes her Caucasoid.”

      No, she’s Jewish.


  7. You know how girls are taught to smile? Sometimes its natural looking. Sometimes it looks like you better not stick your dick anywhere near that mouth because a bite could cut through adamantium. I think that’s mom in the blue dress next to the Brahmin curry twat. Look at that jaw. See the tension in those jaw muscles? Also, the guy toward the right rear with the lavender tie doesn’t look to happy either. But his is more like “Hurry up and get this shit over with. I need a drink!”


  8. I surmise this is a bride’s family only photo with her being the one with the …………. necklace on her head in the middle.


  9. Common guys it is not that hard. This is a photo of the bride’s family. The three in the front are sisters. Kid belongs to one of the three. The bride has dyed black hair.


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