Comfort Fathers

Dad refuses to exercise parental authority over his child throwing a tantrum in public. Relevant quote:

My dad taught me so much about what it means to be a man, but this post is about one thing and one thing only. Being comfortable in the uncomfortable.

AKA shamelessness. Fun fact: America could use less shamelessness and more discretion.


    1. What are those two vertically parted sections of hair behind Monsieur Bun’s ear? Are they corn rows? A pair of miniature Farrah Fawcett wings? Truncated ringlets? Does anyone else see them besides me?


  1. Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him, For what he deserves will be done to him. O My people! Their oppressors are children, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray And confuse the direction of your paths. The LORD arises to contend, And stands to judge the people

    Isaiah 3:11-13

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  2. My grandfather always taught me that a man shouldn’t be seen lying on the ground. He should never be in such a vulnerable state and must always be upright among others in public. My father was a hippie and so the lounging around sitting cross legged smoking pot must have drove my grand pappy nuts. My natural reaction to this photo is to get that kid off the dirty floor immediately. But then I notice they must be in a Trader Joes with the word “organic” proudly displayed in the background so what more can we expect?

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  3. That child looks around 3 or 4 years old. That’s a tough age because you’re still trying to get them to understand actions have consequences (if you aren’t a totally sucky parent, that is). He’s teaching her that there will literally be zero consequences for behaving like an uncontrollable brat. Nice job tanking your daughter’s future, dad.


    1. “If we got out everything we were feeling and allowed ourselves to throw tantrums and cry when we felt the need to then maybe we’d could also let ourselves feel more joy and happiness.”

      The popular and debunked belief in “letting things out and you’ll feel better!”. There is no way in which a lack of emotional control can be construed as a positive, especially adults (“throw a tantrum” next time you get pulled over, manbun, see how that goes).

      In kids, it inculcates the belief that their current emotional state is paramount, and everybody is controlled by it. He’s creating an emotional blackmailer.

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      1. > He’s creating an emotional blackmailer.

        Agree, but he’s likely also the sort of guy who gets off on females like that. Or doesn’t, more likely.

        True fact:

        The motto of The Evergreen State College in WA state is


        Let it all hang out.

        I see a future for little Floorlicka there, once she reaches the age of tats, piercings, skittles-colored hair, and blubber.

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    2. Exactly – he is doing his daughter no favors with his virtue signalling. Children need lots of love – and strong boundaries.


    1. Likely. No biggie for me. I like my New Balance minimalist trail shoes so much I bought a pair for the Husband. We often wear them at the same time because we’re usually hiking together with the kids. So we dress alike but only in certain circumstances.

      You’ll never find us at a Whole Foods, though. Not one within 70 miles of us.

      Looking at the sartorial selections, though, I see people stuck in an REI catalog circa 1998-2000.


  4. Ah, the virtuous Toms loafers. Somewhere in a poorer country, a child is shown because he chose Toms shoes for himself!

    The selfishness is screaming louder than the child. Rather than remove her, soothe her, then explain why such behavior is not tolerated (and thereby socialize and provide boundaries and expectations), he gloats in his superior parenting as a way to excuse the fact that he really didn’t want to leave the rocking good SWPL of a time he was having.


  5. Enlightening….perhaps this is why liberals have so few children. Their parenting methods create horrendous brats leading them all to believe “responsible” parents can only handle raising one or two kids. This father is an inconsiderate asshole. His shouldnt be anyone else’s problem. I’ve carried my kids out of stores in a bear hug during full screaming tantrums and was embarrassed as hell that strangers had to hear it. What a self absorbed duche bag.


    1. i have 5 kids and not a one of them would ever get away with this crap. I too have walked out of stores and/or restaurants clenching a crying kid. After a quick application of discipline and instruction, I always bring a calm child back in to join the rest of my family. Not only is it embarrassing to have your kid throw a tantrum in public, it is incredibly rude to the people around you. Show some consideration for others and get that brat off the floor and away from the other people who look at you in disgust for being such a loser inconsiderate parent


    2. What’s worse is the posting of this BS on social media in a form of “look at me,” virtue-signalling manner . . . just anticipating attention and approval. Sickening. I have never sought out glory, attention, or approval for my acts as a parent.


  6. I am forever grateful my parents gave a damn and were strict, but stern, and always with the explanation behind their actions.


  7. Let’s augment this post, shall we?

    Justin Baldoni is an actor best known for starring on “Jane the Virgin” as the bad-boy biological father of Jane’s child.
    He’s the son of a Jewess and an alleged Italian. He’s also part of the Baha’i cult.
    His wife, Emily nee Fuxler, is a Swede, this explaining the blonde childe.

    Here’s a link to the family company. As the Chateau notes, the truth is the details.

    Coincidentally, one of the co-founder’s of his company, Ahmed Musiol, graduated from the same high school, Trempor, where the “transgender” girl sought access to the boys’ toilets.

    Of course, one must believe there is such a thing as a “coincidence.”


  8. Holy crap! 23 (plus mine, 24) replies in one day.
    So he won’t discipline his child so she can express herself? Wait until she starts whoring out, drinking, doing drugs, texting when driving, or spending his life savings on some retarded college degree and not give him grandchildren. He’ll look back on this photo and say “I dun goofed”.


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