1. this looks like a cover from national geographic.
    what’s the deal with women especially white women imitating the big ass nigger aesthetic
    its very unattractive.


    1. Don’t overlook its author, Buzz Bissinger–who about 20 years ago wrote a very good of Wesley Cook’s transmogrification into the Cult of Mumia (with a little help from ((( some high profile lawyers))) )…then went on to become a cross-dressing freak.


    1. The blond tennis player looks lovely to me, although lately I’ve been inferring that per the manosphere we’re not supposed to be into athletic women anymore. They look like teenage boys, apparently. I say if your tennis player or my Zuzka Light look like teenage boys, guys who say this may well be having sex with teenage boys.


  2. She got knocked up by a white guy. For some reason WM/BW miscegenation is mildly less objectionable (though it should still happen seldom).


  3. I am sick of ugly groids getting all the media attention. I abhor the fact I have to raise white humans in a society that embarrassingly deludes themselves to believe it’s possible to ever truly integrate as a society with a race that derived from the fucking stone age and never built anything off of it. And further proof today demonstrates it because they get free housing and then destroy the goddamn neighborhoods


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