1. It would take a little more than that. The current crop of journalists have to die out first which is going to take time, although at the rate theiy are destroying their credibility it might not matter and you have to keep them from reproducing. . .

    which might not be that problematic if the picture is indicative of the breed.

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  2. god bless your hearts… here’s a snippet about Canadian “journalism”…

    The purpose of the CBC seems now to be depress and demoralize the normal folk. This is a leftist tactic that’s laid out in several writings those turds all worship.

    stuff I heard YESTERDAY on the radio

    – a half hour long program in which a gay asian fellow described in detail (with sad piano music and everything) how cut his own arms and later tried suicide because “gays are racist” – you can’t make this shit up.

    – an indigenous (they were natives, then first nations now indigenous) “leader” admonishing white folks and telling us to pay for more things though to make up for how evil we are… of course when the host asked him what natives want he stammered and said some dumb shit about teamwork. THEY HAVE NO PLAN. they just want some intangible imagined fix for their poor reaction to modernity

    – poor poor fentanyl people have a “disease” so obviously we need more money and resources for them – CANCER and Multiple Sclerosis are diseases, addiction is NOT – last week they were all patting everyone on the back because there’s naloxone overdose kits in highschools – progress!

    – Russia wants us all enslaved and dead – they are pure EVIL you see. Putin is an absolute monster and must be stopped – even with war. of course it’s worth it when the broadcasters and politicians stay safe and send the army to die.

    – Donald Trump drove his golf cart on the green – gasp! – then the 4 “hosts” took about 3.5 minutes to individually explain how much better they are than him, one does not put ketchup on steak u see… they can’t prove he “colluded” with Russia because he didn’t and so now it’s just constant shitting on him for ketchup and and golf greens and his hair etc.

    – the builders in London who followed the LEGAL building code and LEGALLY used flammable cladding need to go to jail for following the law or something… either way, they agreed as they do “something must be done”, no blame for government for allowing it. government is sacred and musn’t be criticized unless lead by a white alpha male who acts like a man.

    – the very day before it was all LEGAL SUICIDE IS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! then Shelia Rogers or one of them laid into a doctor for not wanting to kill people! killing is progress! when that dude signed up to be a doctor, killing people wasn’t on the menu yet – so shut up already and leave doctors to heal people

    that was just yesterday

    I remember when you’d turn on CBC and it was about some maritimer and his guitar signing about boats and coast life, then a nice story about an octogenarian who paddled his canoe with his dog across some big lake?

    remember wayne friggin rostad (think huell howser)? and andy barrie (like a friendly old guy in the morning)?

    remember stories about curious beavers and how Canada loves syrup and kids hockey and how a quirky Toronto store owner does things differently?

    now – syrup is poison, hockey excludes the poor kids and causes concussions, and that quirky lovable store owner didn’t follow ridiculous bylaws or made an innocent comment and is now the poster boy for evil whatever – sexist racist homophobe pronoun misuser


    There are books written about how to do this and why it’s necessary by a bunch of sour marxists who got thrown out of Germany (for good reason)

    this dipshittery is canon to them – they all studied it in university. universities in canada are retarded dens of progressive madness…

    depress and demoralize with propaganda

    that’s what we’re currently living through

    up is down

    weakness is strength and so on

    refugees are the bee’s knees and cops are racist is their usual bread and butter (yes in Canada too)

    this is funded by my freakin tax dollars too – lots of tax dollars

    so there

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  3. Has it ever been outside? Can it do a single girl push up? Does it keep two phones in its pockets to keep from being blown away in a stiff breeze?

    These are questions a journalist needs to ask.

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  4. Ok it’s not exactly “Goodbye America!” but certainly in the spirit of “Goodbye Civilization”



    Some key passages translated:

    Headline: “Nadeem beat me in the face!”
    (She was still heartbroken when he left her standing at the altar…)

    Her government assistance & disability pension enabled her to follow her passion, her hobby of smuggling exciting exotic young tall-dark-and-handsomes into Europe… She was later convicted for human trafficking.

    Switzerland denied entry to her sweetheart so she took him on a road trip to a “love-nest” in Italy…

    (Did Humbert Humbert get reincarnated? Nah couldn’t be… He wasn’t dead yet when this old hag was already born….)

    “Nadeem began to get drunk…”
    (Surprise surprise!!! Shame and nausea of this need extra-extra-strength beer goggles…)

    Reader comments are precious.
    Some of the ladies make excuses for sweet Vadeem, explaining how their own lovers can be hot blooded, emotional, passionate and impulsive… often flying into uncontrollable rages… but later demonstrate their true love with a gesture such as in a rose…


    I also had something going with a Pakistani fellow, for two weeks. Then came an Eritrean; we loved each other two months long. After the Eritrean I got to know an Iranian; with him it went well for three weeks. Then an Afghan stepped into my life and the heavens sang with violins. That lasted one and a half months. Hardly was he gone and a Syrian moved in with me, a dream of a man. Two weeks that one.

    Now today I’m married. He, a down-to-earth, loyal, sweet man. A Swissman.
    (Spoken like a true “Capture the Flag” champion. But what else might she have captured?)

    How does one say Beta-Bux in Schwyzerd├╝tsch?

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  5. Also bearing in mind that all but one or two J-schools have been brought under the umbrella of “marketing communications.” AKA “marcomm.”

    Not that it makes much of a diff.

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