1. Where are the black males? I know…back at the cuck’s house slamming the mother of these infants….white maes under the age of 35 have lost all control. We should all be brushing up on our Mandarin…

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  2. Meh. Fathering children and engaging high-investment parenting is the essence of masculinity. The demographics here are white and asian. Also known as the guys who give a shit about their kids.

    I’m sure this bunch is mostly pussy-whipped Democrats, but that’s implied and off screen. But the photo itself is of men dancing around with their progeny. That’s to be encouraged.

    I’m not so sure the Hjolster gay male model LARPing like a cowboy is the one we should be trying to emulate.


    1. I agree that high investment parenting is the only way to get ourselves out of the mess we have created. But this appears to be a ploy of trying to appear cute. Those devices would be better served if the father was hiking and/or doing pull ups. Both cases expose an infant to important aspects in life (outdoors and physical strength) and are worth while pursuits for a father to share with his progeny, with the added benefit of the extra work required to move the extra weight. My father hiked and did pulls up with me in one of those 35 years ago and I truly think it has something to do with our continued shared passion of the outdoors and meeting up to work out.

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      1. Agree from experience and in principle.

        Having a kid’s earliest experience of Dad being him mincing around like a dinner theater pansy is genetic and memetic warfare.

        Having bred isn’t all that matters. What matters most is a child reaching back to its earliest memories of its own dad as competent in and equal to a difficult, challenging, dangerous, uncertain, unfair world. Dad choosing to share that legacy of competence with his offspring.

        Chaps to think of both boys and girls coming into their own awareness as humans, starting at 24 months or thereabouts, with Drone Dad bouncing around for cameras in rituals of utter domestication in the hive.

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  3. Sounds like we have a lot of cuckhold fetishists in this thread.

    Apparently y’all can’t leave the house without your wives banging vibrants. Sad.


  4. I guess this was always an inevitable cultural outcome of peace, civility, and understanding. A Faustian bargain of complete security for any semblance of masculinity. On a pre-verbal level this is somehow more revolting than the post before it.

    “You there…khaki shorts. May you live forever.”

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  5. Babies need to be held and fathers need to hold them. F*ck all those who think daddies shouldn’t spend this kind of time with their children. What do you people want? Daddy gone all the time, while mommy bottle feeds them beer. Screw that!

    Good on these guys for spending time with their children. And the people who think dad’s should do nothing but build shit, shoot guns and grunt have never had children and have no f*cking idea what it means to care for children.


    1. A bit salty, aren’t we, there, kiddo?

      Let me give you some perspective. I was born in 1968. My sister was born in 1970.

      My father was working overtime on the loading docks in Philly when I was born. And when my sister was born. He did this so that Mom and we could have a roof over our heads and food on the table. We barely saw him until I turned six.

      Women rear children. Men provide for them. Unless all the “men” in that picture are widowers, something is very, very, very, very, very wrong.

      When you hear a baby crying, does that sound annoy you? Does it irritate you? Is it like a white-hot electric drill boring a hole in your skull half an inch above your right ear? It’s supposed to. It’s three and a half million years of hominid evolution telling you to get off your lazy ass and go bring in some food. Let your woman change the diapers. That’s what she’s for.

      {ed: pro comment}

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      1. Who cares what men do after doing their duty as a provider? Jesus. That’s pathological idée fixe. Also, born in 1968 = Generation X, if I recall correctly.


    2. Dad’s role comes into play more after infancy. Young kids learn right/wrong, effort, courage, etc. And in HS they learn perseverance, manliness, integrity, how to change oil, etc. Very young kids are mom’s domain.


  6. “Just dads spending time with their kids” is a horseshit argument, for a simple reason: there’s video of it. The images, and the class it self really, aren’t about “bonding”, it’s cutesy bullshit to farm social media “Likes” (and making somebody some scratch).


    1. Yup. Men being fathers is great. Men acting like mothers to try to be please women is unnatural and repulsive. Almost as repulsive as that gay cowboy.

      Fatherhood is not a consumer product. It’s not a class you sign up for that is taught by women. It’s giving your time and yourself to your children everyday. It’s a natural thing. This crap is anything but natural.

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  7. This faggotry strikes a chord. I bond with my son ( he’s 6) while splitting and piling wood, butchering deer and chickens, while working on tractors and trucks. I taught him to stalk squirrels last fall (we do not eat protein from the grocery industrial complex). The kids a natural and I’ve taught him to shoot well. My family lives in a 99.5% white tri county area in Indiana, but I still have to shield my children from this rot.
    White male Millennials are an abomination. My great grandfather (a farmer and bartender, fathered 6 children) is rolling over in his grave. My paternal grandfather, a WW II Marine vet, retired chemical engineer and all around former badass, has Alzheimer’s. He’s 94. At least he forgets things like this as soon as he sees them.

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  8. My husband wouldn’t have been caught dead doing this when our kids were little. He’s a “high investment” dad- he’s just not so eager to make an ass out of himself.


  9. This is K-selected behavior, which, other than the ostentatious attempt to please women, is OK. The problem is we are importing hordes of men from R-selection cultures, so the highly-invested daughters of the men shown here will breed with Ahmed, Jose, and Tyrone. K-selected species survive only when natural barriers or isolation protect them from outsiders. In nature, when R-selected species move in on a K-selected population, the result is extinction of the K-selected species. And the mechanism is…. wait for it… R male on K male aggression and K female selection of R selected males, and the increased fecundity of R selected males. We have a front row seat watching this play out in a human population model.


    1. Think of this when you see liberal cucks and females support open borders and the (mostly female) crowds holding “refugees welcome” signs.


    2. K and r reproductive strategies don’t work that way. You can’t use an arbitrary discriminate within the same species, and attribute each group with K or r. It’s all or nothing for an entire species.


  10. Who says any of them have a female in their lives at all? Single and gay men raise children and I’m sure this is a special studio in San Francisco just for them!


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