1. These young cuties are the ones most opposed to any limits on dress or modesty.

    Give her a good decade and after she makes her acquaintance with the wall she’ll join Katy Perry et al. on the crusade to make all women wear hijabs.


  2. She’s right, she shouldn’t be treated like an object. She should be handled like the fussy overgrown infant she clearly is.


  3. Too bad. I thought this girl was at one point cute. Now, I don’t know what to make of her. Of course the devil is in the details. Her name is Ariel Winter. A bit too pornoish, don’t you think?

    In all fairness though, this is what happens when parents throw their kids into showbiz too early. Not only do they not enjoy their childhood, but these kids get a false sense of “maturity”. Just because Ariel Winter can grow tits at 16, or because Justin Bieber can slay cougar poontang at 17 doesn’t mean they are more mature than you or me. Au contraire, they only develop external adult features, but never intellect, personality, or character. In other words, they become your typical American teenager, multiplied by five. And of course, the U.S., like most Western countries, allows their teenage girls to act like sexy adults, i.e, cheerleaders and Disney actresses, yet will label any man who looks at them a pedophile, or when these girls reach adulthood, just plain old sexist misogynist perverts.


  4. My experience is that they want to be objectified until they don’t anymore. Whatever it takes to make the money and make a name. Sex, casting couch blowjobs, whatever. Then, they get older, no SMV anymore, and suddenly, it’s wrong to objectify women. What the fuck ever. THIS is why it can never be a woman’s world.

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  5. Well, sweetheart, we’d respect you and treat you like non-objects if you had any redeeming qualities besides your bodies. Advertising your genitalia has a tendency to have the buyers focus on your wares.

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  6. This is the symptom, not ((( the disease ))).

    Though I’d say that her real hypocrisy isn’t about objectification. That’s what she is taught to say it is.

    The hypocrisy involves her working for ((( the very ones ))) treating her like drek, enriching them with her sexualized signalling, taking their money…and also taking on their ((( bolshie SJW ))) interpretations of what’s happening.

    Get a white girl that confused early enough in life, you can have her awarding gold stars to her own womb till the pink kitty hat kicks in at around 50. Helluva genetic strategy.

    FWIW Wikipedia lists her genetics as English and German on her father’s side, Greek on her mother’s. Her parents apparently sold her to ((( the entertainment industry ))) when she was four years old. Those of you who recognize her name likely know about the custody battle when she was removed from her mother’s care because of credible reports of abuse.

    My sense is: something’s not quite right. She knows it. But she can’t put her finger on it.

    How very convenient that ((( the industry ))) can step in with an SJW panacea to numb her confusion!

    And deepen it. Since pilpul demands confusion.


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