Older mom confuses pathetic for cool

Video, if you must watch. The reader who submitted the link writes that the coal burning predictive behavior of the mom is a 100% chance her daughter burns the coal within three months of her freshman year.


      1. Well, we know one thing for sure…if mother & daughter get drunk and take on the whole team – that lone White dude will be charged with rape.

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  1. This is the real info on the story I got from the website.

    So, is Avery’s mom just really outgoing or was there an alternative reason for the random photo shoot with the players?

    As it turns out, it’s a little bit of both.

    Avery said she later found out that a lot of the parents were allowed to have dinner on the football field where the players were practicing. The parents were told that if they posted a silly photo at the school, they would get the chance to win a $500 scholarship toward the student’s tuition.

    Avery said while other parents were trying to sneak and take pictures with the players, her mom walked straight up to the team and asked for pictures. They happily obliged and even suggested taking some action shots, Avery said.

    The winner of the scholarship will be announced in August.

    Avery’s tweet has been retweeted more than 57,000 times and liked more than 266,000 times as of 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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  2. A year ago, and depending on jurisdiction, her princess was too young to consent. Now she looks WAY too old to consent. Because if there’s two groups of people that shouldn’t be allowed to have sex are children and aged old sprinters.


  3. @ .40 sec mark: “When she responded with a skull emoji, her mom seemed confused”.

    That was probably about the only thing in this video that was crystal clear.


    1. It’s so sad and pathetic when the feminized beta cuck has a more ideal feminine body type than his fupa prone girlfriend.


      1. NBC nightly news tonight feature story was beta cuck white man (fit and handsome no homo) who married a single mother former CC rider (formerly a hard 8 when she was younger getting banged out by assholes) and did a beta proposal asking the daughter if he could be her dad.

        The nightly anchor is a black man, by the way.

        It’s everywhere, CH.



      2. Yep Publius, inescapable. Which is weird why all these guys on CH want kids and glorify family. They’re not going to keep their kids from seeing this stuff, no matter how much they try to delude themselves into thinking otherwise. They’re creating more victims for the system to devour.


  4. From the still-image photo daughter that appears for a few seconds, from her assbook page, she already has the 1,000 cocksa stare, and has probably burned coal, burritos, and a few other things in her United Nations-approved twat.


  5. I ever have a daughter there is no way in fucking I’m dropping her off at college. Going to raise her as a debutante and marry her off to the coolest richest alpha I can find at 18-19.


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