Sharia tattoos are next

Story. Forced, phony solidarity is the cowed Whites’ attempt to reconcile with Diversity™, but solidarity is a poor substitute for steely action.



  1. Hmm… this could be more subversive than we realize.
    I see nothing wrong with celebrating Britain from the 1800s as compared to now. One could even say that these are an expression of British Nationalism.


  2. Will Ferrell as Magnate in the Zoolander film had an interesting line along the likes of ‘ I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, doesn’t everyone see this, that all of Zoolander’s poses (Magnum, Bluesteel, Etc) are the same”

    I can relate to that as it does feel like I’m taking crazy pills when I read sh*t like this and scratch my head baffled as to the course of action white people take after these terrorist attacks, murders, polar bear hunting incidents, etc.

    Bee tattoos? WTH? I guess forming a posse in Manchester and administering some vigilante justice never occurred to them. The white world has gone utterly mad.

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  3. > cowed Whites’ attempt to reconcile with Diversity™,

    Funny, but Chez Olorin we were saying this weekend that these characters should be getting cow tattoos instead of bees.


  4. What’s the point of wearing a suit if you don’t have a tie on. Wasn’t England really into looking proper? Emily Post’s book on etiquette had a whole chapter dedicated to the wardrobe of Englishmen.


  5. It is intended as a fundraiser for victims, so I guess asinine stupidity and virtue signalling, in this one case, has some practical value.


  6. Tattoos are done for vainglory, exhibitionism or sadomasochism. None are pleasing to God. They’re idolatrous, a waste of resources and unhealthy. The people getting them for this attack are bastard children of brand marketing.

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  7. @TLM, where are football hooligans when you need them? Heck, I suppose this is an instance where firms from Man U, Man City, and nearby Liverpool could mend fences and unite to give these wannabe terrorists a good whipping.


  8. Also, hundreds of brave British men took to the streets just days after the musloid loser attack….. to run 26.2 miles. That’ll show ’em.

    Britain’s men: Ending musloid terror one step, one marathon at a time.

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