A gym membership and therapy would have cost a lot less

How many freak markers can you spot?

  • manboobs up front
  • silicone pecs and chicken legs center back
  • trannies everywhere
  • and of course the “women” are all over 50 and will never decompose after physical death (souldeath happened years ago)


  1. Look at the blonde-headed guy(?) on the far right side. Is his right hand making an “A-OK” hand signal? When was this picture taken? Are there, dare we dream, cryptoshitlords in even the most pozzed of scenes?


  2. After being forced to live with this for the last few decades, it becomes comical for anyone to claim that “freedom” is wonderful and we should support our troops to preserve it.

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  3. For all you dumbasses that still think it’s ok to wear the American flag around your crotch, take a look at the person with the blue hair and perky manzongas.

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  4. There’s no single picture here that captures the degeneracy….
    You have to read the whole article to appreciate it.


    A few choice quotes.
    “It’s still tough to get women to be honest about their decisions, particularly if they choose to be child-free,” says UW’s Kenney.

    “Women who choose not to have children are seen as selfish, Marin says, because women are meant to be caretakers.”

    “It’s not selfish, but society has made choosing yourself a stigmatized experience,” she says. “No one is coming up to a 40-year-old man and saying, ‘You’re not married? You don’t have kids yet?’ ”

    Time is precious, and time spent on yourself even more so, she says. Marin is imparting that to her children, especially her daughter. It is OK to spend time on yourself, she tells Roman. It is OK to go after what you want. It is OK to go against social norms.

    But if she were to go back in time, knowing what she knows now, she isn’t sure she’d have made the same decisions.

    ‘I really hope my daughter has a chance to be herself before necessarily being protector and guardian and guide to another person,”

    “‘I feel like I had two kids already before I realized that having kids, or not having kids, is a choice that a person can make,” she says. “I very much feel like I was just going along a road, and the road led to getting married and having kids, because that’s what women are ‘supposed to do.’ ”

    “In the Seattle area, where many women work in technology or have intense careers, it is easier to talk about the choice, says Nancy J. Kenney, an associate professor of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington.”
    …But the article interviews and highlights a buncha non-profit do-gooders, cultural warrioresses and wannabe artists but zero engineers or entrepreneurs that add value to the economy or humanity…


    Conscious multi-cultural, racial and immigrant diversity? k Check.
    Sexual minorities & extraordinary interventions of reproductive technology? k Check.
    Homilies to women’s identity defined by career status, travel and other eternal adolescence? k Check.
    Accusatory pieties about patriarchy and social “expectations” holding women back? k Check.
    An ambitious and highly credentialed journalist (((Authoress)))? k Check.
    Reader public comments disabled? k Check.


    Meanwhile the front page was packed with more go grrrl propaganda.

    Pictures of professional women’s soccer & basketball stars and intercollegiate women athletes
    (thank you Title IX!)


    And these very important career paths for young women…




    To see seattletimes articles without tripping the paywall, view them with incognito mode.

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