1. It’s “A curvy woman making a powerful statement about body-shaming to the HWA woman”!
    Come on, people – get with the PC program.

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    1. And what is a HWA woman?! I’m not American, and that shit hasn’t come to my country at such degrees (yet). I can’t keep up with those new words and acronyms!! It’s like an alphabet soup!! Two days ago, on my small back-of-the-woods gathered 9 or 10 supporters of faggotry. They were protesting for some lesbian who killed a guy that tried to rape her (that’s what she says, at least). It seems that those were all the attendants… and I tell you, supposedly it was also the day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia (trust me, those are the words they used). So the collective LGBTITTDASJFKALJFIASDKFJASJQWOPIRZXC has a presence on my small town too. But it seems that there are proportionally more normal people here.

      I propose to make a day against heterophobia. It’ll be needed in a few years.

      (is not really necessary to answer, but I wanted to say “alphabet soup” and mash random keys on my keyboard, LOL.)


      1. Yes, yes. Thank you to everyone who replied. It’s hard to make sense of the alphabet soup of the libtards. Libshit theories about almost everything are amiss.


      2. That’s not accidental. It’s meant to be incomprehensible. You’re always supposed to be wrong, always on the verge of being shamed and cast out, always on the defensive.

        And they have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those shitlord kids!

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      3. Yes, you are right. So much for their “tolerance” and “acceptation”. They are more intolerant than we do. We state what things we are not tolerant with, and it happens to be that it’s stuff that nobody should tolerate at all, at least if you want to live in something that resembles a sane society. But the “tolerant people” are tolerating things that are corrosive to the fabric of a good functioning society. While bashing healthy values, at the same time.
        My comment was a bit in jest. Of course, it’s true that I don’t understand all those acronyms and weird stuff. In my country the feminist agenda is also running at full speed. But the degeneration that you see in America… we haven’t reached that point yet. So, it’s a good warning to people like me, who is aware of these destructive agendas, to know where it actually LEADS into. And to show proof to some skeptics who are sitting on the fence, so they also know too. The point is, even most Americans (let alone foreigners like me) don’t know all of those ridiculous acronyms. 😉


      4. HWA = Height Weight Appropriate = what used to be a normal person, before overweight/obese became normal. A person who is a healthy weight for their height. It’s mostly used on dating sites.

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  2. Ah. There is nothing in this World more enlightening than the moment a bipedal hippopotamus faces the oppression of an old world lady of refinement to tell her how a future of license and gynosupremacy can free her from the chains of Western Civilization to enjoy the morbid obesity of a failed state using the rational approach of witchcraft and the sacred scrolls of Ape Shitty.


  3. People who fled their burning homes in the middle of the night after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake were dressed better than the average American dresses even for special occasions today.


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