Bracing for the….mudshark monocle

Look at that phag in the back row throwing his hands up in high drama. I figure this staged photo was meant to be a mockery of healthy race-aware normies, but how much you want to bet not everyone here was joking on the inside?


  1. From what I see all of the groomsmen are white.

    Which one will be captain save-a-ho when she gets her new dindu-sunglasses?


    1. In a vacuum – I wouldn’t care who some random girl fucks. But this has become a societal trend; and Whites (8% of the world population, and falling) are the least able to endure this poison. Especially as (((we))) have infected Europe with our nonsense.


      1. It looks disgusting, it’s a betrayal of our ancestors and any one who died defending a border, she is disgusting, it’s genocidal and she deserves to be shunned. I’m not willing to invest or sacrifice in her or any community around her. If a ship is sinking I’m not going to bother whether she makes it on the lifeboat because her sprogs have nothing to do with me. It’s just so dam ugly.


    2. “From what I see all of the groomsmen are white.”

      That’s because the groom’s siblings and friends are either dead or in prison.

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  2. Eeeeewwww… Just think of the future spawn of that “happy couple”.
    At least 3 niglets, neither of them will be white nor black, ohhhh yeaaaaah, your liberal multiracial wet dreams come true, do not pass go, do not collect $200, whoever allows his future children to be a mutt should be shot, or at least locked up and have the key thrown away, it’s a crime against their future. Seriously. Whoever does marry (or sleep with) a person of a race different than their own is condemning their offspring to be and not be –that child will never fit, no matter how he/she tries to hide it, his soul and body will always clash against themselves. That child won’t belong to either race, he will be a raceless piece of putty in the hands of the International Jew.


  3. They probably copied this from Jew porn; Jews create miscegenation porn where (often gay) white men will act as the cuck, covering their eyes like this. Not just “cucks” as in their gf/wife cheating; now they do it with “mothers”, “daughters”, and even to fetuses with pregnant women. See:
    dogfart network
    (There was an article on RoK detailing the Jewish ownership a while ago.)

    Now, the thing about this form of innovative Jew humiliation is that since it goes down to the most primal level, you can’t even discuss it with hostiles without being humiliated if you’re a white man. Mild hostility is enough to make it impossible, e.g. from a cuckservative. It’s so primal and primitive that the only thing to defeat it would be an equally primal and primitive response to the Jews (and their lackeys if necessary). Black leftists can speak out against it (some have) but whites can’t.
    Example: Vice (a poz machine constantly bashing men among other things) has written an article about how skinny men might take over porn, because no more macho-patriarchy, muh gender ideals, etc. Top comment thread:
    Hostile latino: “The alt-right’s new favorite genre, now that cuckolding will be out of fashion”
    White: “Someone’s projecting”
    H. l.: “Someone’s triggered”
    Alt-right men are more buff then cucks, but the latino got the most likes. A mere mentioning of anti-white porn can label you “triggered”, even though “triggered” was made up by the same liberals that kiss hostile non-whites asses the most. (It’s amazing how hostiles have abandoned their pathetic “triggers” and “safe spaces” when they backfired, to use them against us.)

    The Jews are a truly innovative, if suicidal bunch. This is what, ultimately, will get whites to wake up. The only question is whether it will happen on time or not; if whites will be heavily outnumbered by then or not.

    They copied this from Jew cuck-miscegenation porn, which is now done with “mothers”, “daughters” and to fetuses with pregnant women. Mentioning Jew porn to hostiles, no matter how, is enough to get you humiliated and so banned from debate if you’re a white man, even with just cucks like on the pic. Only way around it is equally primitive attack on Jews. It will get whites woke, hopefully on time.

    Work out and get armed while you can.

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    1. The question is how do White females react to this. It would seem to slowely normalize it, lower their inhibitions. For some they think it gives them what they crave: attention and social recognition.

      Women are an easy sell on this. Remember Edward Bernays promoted cigarettes to women simply by making it a feminist “emancipation” issue, promoting marches and having glamorous film stars smoke on screen.

      Yes, feminism was part of selling cigarettes and it’s part of selling White genocide to idiots.

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    1. You mean the guy to the left of the bride? Yeah, his look of disgust or indifference seems the most genuine of the bunch.

      He’s probably thinking, “Gross, but hopefully I can get laid.”


  4. I date a lot of FOB Asian girls (judge me, whatever – i’m not having kids until I meet a suitable White woman – which is near impossible for a man with average game in DC).

    My point is this: every single one these Asian girls is disgusted by blacks, but is afraid to tell me. They’ll say something like “blacks are violent and stupid…but I’m not racist”. They learn very quickly that blacks/muslims are a protected species in the West. They learn that we are expected to lie to ourselves about a great many issues.

    This isn’t natural, the way we live.

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    1. I’ve had an identical experience in every way save for being in a coastal blue hellopolis on the other side of the country.


    1. Agree this photo is staged. Aside from the darky, the wedding party is too homogeneous i.e slim, blonde and white. This is how the leftoids in advertising media view the world because that is what surrounds them, other white people and the occasional black.

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      1. Kind of reminds me of the advertisement posted earlier with the black guy and white woman in underwear.

        This scenario seems to be more about getting a reaction from someone than being an example of love or affection; it would be even worse to be that way about the wedding day.

        Considering how healthy the women seem to be the black guy comes off as kind of beta.


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