The Post-Child Mate Market

“Green living” and “travel” are incompatible, but just try to explain that while on a date with one of these “mindful” ladies.



    1. And white men created EVERYTHING we take for granted. Recently I was told I was a fascist and racist for saying that out loud. Who would have thought?

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      1. Too many ungrateful people. Too many ignorant people. Tell to those “non-racists” that they should try to live with the tribe of Kunta-Kinte. If they can stand it. As the Kuntas live, not with the comforts of White civilization.

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  1. Yep, these women take for granted what Western technology has given them, yet go out of their way in ripping off Eastern cultures and diluting them.
    Maybe they should start checking their white privilege.

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  2. “Travel” (Verb) – Where you leave your cushy office job several times a year to “get away from it all” in a tourist trap or a resort where you find the locals to be charming and better than the people back home (Even though they shit on the street and are just being nice because they want your money), where you’ll do nothing but things that will bring you validation on social media and/or things you could’ve just done at home like go to a beach (But not swim) or go to fancy restaurants.

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  3. It is no doubt a tired story. Attractive white woman in yoga pants making “friends” with the locals. Some of them are living that life, and it’s largely paid for by a cuck white man. If it isn’t, and she is still sexy enough, those trips to Dubai are for making friendly with the buttholes of royalty while he takes a dump on her head. But, hey, culture, right?


  4. Green living and travel should be incompatible, but we’re talking about people who think it’s perfectly fine to travel halfway around the world by private jet and 14 SUV convoy to tell people eating steak causes Climate Terror.

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    1. Precisely. It’s also all about consuming. Buying gear, buying books, buying an “enlightened” lifestyle and “virtuous” world view.

      All a balm paid for by white men to salve the pain of realizing the truth — that they are incapable of creating anything of value.


  5. Speaking of travel, I’m kind of beating a dead horse here with the HGTV thing but the other day I saw this episode of House Hunters where the couple was looking for a property in Central America. They had two very young children and of course the wife gushed about how valuable it would be to expose her children to another culture. So where do they look for properties? In gated communities or exclusive condos, built entirely to the white man’s specifications and with his technology. But don’t worry, the kids will get “culture” from some trinket shop in the nearest village.

    It’s amazing how this idea of multiculturalism is, like AGW, completely unquestioned by such a large segment of the population, simply because of the unceasing drumbeat of our schools and media. Cultural Marxism’s victories have been numerous.

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    1. “Another culture”??? The whole point of Invite-Invade is so these cheap green fucks can experience other shitty cultures right in their own backyards, without having to travel or get mandatory booster shots.

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  6. And just what, exactly, is “personal growth”? Growth can be measured. Can any of these self-absorbed broads give me a concise explanation as to how they measure personal growth? Please quantify it for me.


    1. Personal growth is… like… meh… I don’t know…
      I guess that in these cases, it means being as suicidal you can be while still retaining a smile and a sanctimonious face.
      Unlike those evil “racists”, who care about their own culture and don’t put their panties in a bunch because their children are missing the “joys” of multiculturalism.
      These women might be “educated”, with degrees and all, but they are still hopelessly dumb.
      And most of the men fall in that category too. It’s sickening to watch.

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  7. These girls undoubtedly exist. I know of one in her late-20s, lean, attractive, blonde, career types. No kids of her own. No desire to have them. Liberal. Hates Trump.

    Had a well-placed shiv in her a month ago during a late-night card game with friends. We were talking about the election and I nuked the sexist conversation with “Trump said they LET you grab them by the p*ssy”. Her eyes shot lasers at me but she had no comeback. Instead she continued to drink and got pouty until her boyfriend had to tuck her in bed.


    1. Feminists: “We need a ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work Week'”.
      President Trump – brings his daughter to work, puts his daughter to work, takes her advice seriously = World’s Biggest Misogynist!


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