1. Noticed this the other day while grabbing a card for mom. Every. Single. Card. Had something wrong with it. Either trying to be funny, and failing miserably, over the top sappiness, or some retarded shit like male strippers in thongs gyrating on old women.

    Who the fuck would buy any of this garbage for their mother? I think I actually shamed a fellow customer into putting back a card they had selected by saying “what fucking moron would buy this shit?” out loud.

    But that’s probably the answer right there. Morons marketing to morons. I ended up hand writing her a letter and including a picture of the grand kids. I’m sure it was far more appreciated than a stupid joke about alcoholism and some quickly scrawled note about grand dogs.

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    1. @Aurini:
      And yet you would struggle to find a copy of Maxim magazine. You know, cause of sexism and misogyny.


      1. Interracial gays… Gays tend to be some of the most racist people you will meet. Surely swedecuckfags are aware of this.


    1. Well, they ticked just about every box in that one — except for the insufferably cute recruits, I mean adoptees, of indeterminate race. HGTV is the worst at this kind of propaganda. Every show, with the notable exception of “Fixer Upper”, the show with Christian hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines, constantly features homosexual couples looking for homes. Without exception they’re professional, semi-attractive people in a long-term relationship. When I was in grad school in DC, over a decade ago, I rented a room from a homo in his suburban house. He and all his butt buddies were, without freaking exception, formerly married and had kids. The thing that bound them together post-marriage was their unrelenting fixation on sticking their cocks into another man’s ass, or vice-versa. Yes, they were mostly successful professionals, but they were definitely not into monogamy. Their lives revolved around: 1) being a donut puncher, 2) everything else. This image of the loving, long-term queer couple is a horrible lie.

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  2. Isnt carpet munching the norm among females now ? Yeah I didnt think so. Pretty nauseating but thats the state of the slop that passes as culture in America. Thanks to cultural marxism.


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