1. In some ways this is more demented than the mudshark couple torturing & feeding that boy to the pigs. Hey honey, how about we adopt 7 darkies all older than our 3 yr old white son and let him live a life of resentment and hatred because of our virtue signaling.


    1. The “parents” have taken their firstborn son and turned him into the youngest; they have destroyed whatever personality he has developed from being the firstborn.


  2. On the plus side, they are American foster kids, so no bringing in people not already here. Small consolation I know.


  3. I dig the one pic where the biological kid States that he went from being an only child to the youngest one. At the stroke of a pen, literally. Give it time kid. You’ll change your mind eventually.

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  4. These people are disgusting, have some pride in yourselves.They want to adopt something, go get a dog. That little boy just became a minority in his own family.

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    1. Money quote from that link:

      “Instead, there has been a recent trauma involving a student and its parents.”


  5. Interesting how far the “Mother” is leaning away from her children there isn’t it? Especially since the Father seems so much more comfortable next to his son.

    Is she already regretting her virtue signaling?


    I think those are actually Indians from India, not Mexicans.


    1. Maria, Elizabeth, Guillermo, Jason, Kristina, Katerin, James. More likely Guats than Dots. But they do need to be sent back to Whereverstan to be reunified with their real family.

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  6. So get a lawyer to bring back anti-miscegnetaion laws. That’ll never happen unless I do it myself though, because this is the faggotsphere after all.

    Or: You guys could hand out anti-diversity pamphlets at a school. The Christians used to do outside of my middle school. I still have the copy of the old testament they gave me a foot (yes a foot) from school ground. These men (not boys like you faggots) stood there on purpose because they knew the parents would call the police if they were on school ground. I don’t expect the faggotsphere to have that level of testosterone though because they only care about getting laid. Alpha clearly has gone out of style. Despite rantings on the internet to the contrary.


  7. ““I grew up with a lot of foster brothers and sisters and my parents were foster parents so I was used to having lots of kids around the house,” Jessaka told WXIA.”

    Jessaka? Fucking yokels.

    It’s hard to decide what is more disgustingly cloying, the article or the kiss-ass comments.


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