Crash Test Blobbies

Story (prepare to cry and laugh simultaneously).



  1. I do engineering stuff. A large part of what I do is vehicle packaging. The CAD softwares I use have Human Modelers. The graphics are not the best but it is meant for verifying hand reach, steering wheel placement, vision studies, ingress/egress, comfort and safety studies of all sorts.

    With that I can create models that represent a human based off of percentiles and race. Default for a male of 95% height is 101Kg. I can do a custom weight and go to whatever I want. The 200Kg model I customized is a giant blob. Trying to package that in a car for fun, oye… As an engineer the results are funny.

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      1. Whites and blacks get fat and sick.

        East Asians get a little plump but they get real sick. Our western diet that has been exported to the corners of the world is a time bomb.

        The next generation of kids will live shorter lives than their parents. Way to go globohomo culture of excess and gluttony.

        Good news is: 2 parent households where mom stays at home tend not to be sickly and fat.


  2. Every airplane has a maximum weight it can safely carry. All luggage is weighed, but to spare them the embarrassment, passengers are not. They are merely counted and multiplied by a standard weight. Thus I await news of a plane bound for a destination popular with obese people crashing on takeoff because the total passenger weight was grossly underestimated.

    Considering how economy seating barely accommodates people of healthy weight, it might be physically impossible to get that many obese people into the cabin and seated.


  3. Just when you think the bar has been lowered as far as it’ll go some hambeast manages to “submarine” right under it.


  4. (((Cable Rosenberg))) – owner of Dogfart port site that proposes scenes of “cuckold sessions”, “watching my daughter go black” and “interracial blowbang”


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