1. I cannot remember the last time I saw something after which I wanted to rip my eyeballs out. That which has been seen cannot be unseen.


  2. A warning would have been nice. Just ate a nice filet mignon and almost lost it. This might be the most vile thing I have ever laid eyes on.


    1. Although I don’t advocate them, one can understand the motive for honor killings after seeing this.


  3. Jeangray I know a few like this. You’re right, they’re someone’s progeny. The people I know who slut walk or parade their fat and flapjacks and lesbianism around have weird, complicated relationships with their moms. Mom was druggie or alcoholic or both, depressed and narcissistic both, and used the kids as either emotional tampons or emotional punching bags.

    It’s a strange sort of rebellion.

    The gay guys who pull this crap also have complicated relationships with mom. Dad realizes at some point that his son is gay and might seem cool but grows distant, mom uses son as emotional tampon or emotional punching bag.


  4. I honestly cannot tell if they are men or women. I tend to think that the one on the right is a woman and the one on the left is a guy with man-boobs.

    I guess I’m being gender normative or some such bullshit.


  5. It never ceases to amaze me how these pig people try to sell us the lie that their amorphous blob existence is in any way objectively beautiful.

    I present exhibit A:

    A sculpture of the 3 graces.

    A little background knowledge as well:


    Being of healthy sexual maturity for about 18 years now, I’d trade all the smart phones, online porn, Marvel movies and modern medicine for the chance to sire 8-10 children until the ripe old age of 45 on my bronze age farm with a women who looked like that.

    The women in today’s western world barely manage to increase blood flow to my member…. let alone inspire me to spill blood on the battle field


    1. they are still out there… healthy women with athletic bodies and sharp minds… one’s who choose intellectualism over emotionalism, but still still maintain their feminine compassion – I raised 2 of them… if you can catch one’s attention, you can have her, but don’t say they don’t exist. I worked hard to perfect them!


  6. Going hogging goes mainstream. I cant wait till they are on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition.


  7. I worried that I had manjaw. My face is oval and narrow. I seem to project unattractiveness but my female friends say no.

    Then I see this and see some hope. I’m not hopelessly masculine.

    The fupa, never had one until multiple pregnancies. Even then, not so prominent and it’s getting better with every workout.

    This can’t be anything more than a tantrum. Love me despite my flaws is more subtle than the fembots imagine.


  8. These creatures are presumably trying to make some statement through the gratuitous display of their utterly hideous bodies but what is it exactly they are trying to get us to understand? That they are free to make such a vile spectacle of themselves is a fact that is particular to a very specific place (the USA), and to a very specific time, it could never have happened in the past, anywhere in the world, and will, once the present degenerate age has passed, which it surely must before much longer, never happen again in the future.

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