Therapy Dog (where the dog will be its whole life)



  1. Eh. Sterile to begin with, so at least they’re not inflicting their degeneracy on an actual human.

    Still don’t understand why we cater to the margins. Well, I do, but wish I could make others see. Drowning in libhell here. Halp.


  2. Disclaimer:
    inserting a dog up your ass is an extremely advanced maneuver and is not recommended for beginners. it is advised that you practice with gerbils for at least six months and then transition to the dog when it is still a puppy.


  3. Goodbye, America (in a music video time capsule)

    3 decades ago, a slightly less overtly thot-ish pop singer performing in a shopping mall lacking “vibrancy”:

    Fast forward to a decade ago, a “wall”-approaching white skank is really alone now with the diversity and it’s the coolest thing ever, goyim viewers:

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    1. Yes, shot of aging white ass, shots of black/brown untermenschen, more white ass, more
      untermenschen. Embrace reality, goyim, indeed


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