What do Islam and inmates have in common?



  1. Bad boys give em tingles. But nooo females aren’t accountable for their actions, lets blame the men. they “manipulated” these poor innocent creatures. 8=====D ~~ ({|})

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  2. “According to Tamara, the appeal is “a combination of getting away with something that is forbidden, the rush of being with someone as hardcore as an inmate, and the false sense of control that they think they have over the situation [but] not necessarily over the inmate. They may have lost all sense of control over every other aspect of their lives, and this form of relationship is something they think they have control over by not getting caught by their superiors or other inmates.”

    With better training, higher standards, and the proper psychological evaluations, these episodes might be prevented. And they should be stopped, because the only ones benefiting are the most manipulative portion of America’s massive prison population.”

    That Tamara’s quote really says it all. If Western people today weren’t so oblivious to woman’s nature, they would act immidiately. How can they be so blind to this is beyond me.

    The only women that can handle shit like that are Brienne of Tarths, but they are more like men anyway. And even then they will fail eventually.


  3. In all fairness, we can extend the net to include frat boys, charismatic Christian preachers, culture leaders, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Dane Cook.


  4. In the old days, women were afraid of sex because it could lead to the shame and poverty of unwed motherhood. Today, decent men are terrified of sex because one broken condom could leave him destitute and enslaved for life (no passport, no driver’s license, jail time for failing to hand over alleged assets or earn his “imputed” income, etc.)

    So when women need a good dicking, they turn to felons, or to naive underage boys. And conservatives, believing that women can do no wrong, whole-heartedly support this perverse incentive system!

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  5. Girls sometimes find it fun dating down a social class because, they think it makes them look like bad girls… and I guess they somehow rationalize that’s a positive thing.


  6. Some of it is the thrill. The bad boy seed, the “oh my daddy would hate this” in her subconscious. But the reason gets twisted into a nice story in her mind. See part the second:

    Some of it is this childish sympathy women have for losers and those “less fortunate.” Just enough love, you see, will set them straight, and how privileged is she to be the one to do it!

    It’s madness and pride, naïveté and a wish to prove others wrong. Women are quick to turn on everything good about their lives. The transformative power of love is something they believe in but don’t quite realize what it means to wield it.

    For this same reason you get vegans, Wicca and crystal magic,

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  7. If women are so easily “manipulated” by criminals they shouldn’t be prison guards, period.
    OTOH, if the genders had been reversed and male prison guards slept with female inmates, the men would have been held accountable and considered the manipulators abusing their position of power. Which means that indirectly the official Narrative considers women mentally weaker than men and irresponsible. So, no positions of power for women would be the logical response.

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  8. Women should not be prison guards. This is an innovation of only the last 30 or so years. Prisoners are tough, hard, strong men and need equally tough, hard, strong guards. This used to be obvious. But now we have male prisoners with female guards and vice versa. Surprise! People abuse their authority (or are seduced by their charges) every day in both settings.

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  9. Simple: Because the male prison guards (and male population) at large bitch about the problem on the internet rather than providing solutions to the problem.

    The prisoners are Betas masquerading as Alphas (losers running game) which women love. This is despite the fact the fact that they are turning down straight shooting Alphas (winners) all the time.

    Wheres the meetup location unaborted fetuses?


  10. “Manipulated” into sex by losers so shitty at crime they end up in prison*, but not only should women have the vote, they should be presidents, prime ministers, and, someday soon I’m sure, popes! They’re closer to God, after all, and naturally good!

    *Unless some lying bitch put him there.


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