Guise of the progressives



  1. They’re so miserable they couldn’t look pretty if they tried.

    Even if you do t have decent looks, a sense of deep happiness and inner contentment can render you pretty and people want to be around you.

    But these people…not enough lipstick or silk will help, they’re ugly deep within, the build up of anger and resentment from years of tantrums.

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  2. Strength in numbers, eh? Why, they almost hit double digits! I’m sure PDT will lie awake in a cold sweat after he’s briefed on the existence of this group.

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  3. The sad thing is that none of these women are so ugly that they couldn’t find a man to settle for them. Especially if they put in a little work to their presentation.

    Strength in numbers of what? Cats?
    This image reminds me of my childless Aunt. She married a nerdy Gamma at age 45 and now takes in stray cats in to their large house. As my 87yo grandmother lays essentially on her death bed, my Aunt, my father and my Uncle care for her and keep an eye on her. My Aunt has no such children to aid her when that time comes. It’s likely she’ll be found 3 months after she dies, her entire corpse consumed by those very cats.


  4. I think this is a strange kind of adult woman brattiness. They, subconsciously, begging to be put in place.

    I think they go a bit crazy after receiving no correction for what they know to be bad / naughty and are instead rewarded by morons ready to marry them.

    What these women wanted at the beginning was spinsterhood, dismissal and isolation. It should have been given to them. Sort of like medicine.


  5. Chesterfield county only has 9 liberal women? and one of the women is a man?

    shouldn’t that be rather heartening to the Patriarchy?

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  6. @oink:
    Ironically, now these progressive gals, thanks to the 21st Amendment and you got girlism, can spend their days drinking wine and mojitos, while having a group read of Fifty Shades and pondering the next target of their rage.

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  7. I have to admit, this picture nonplussed me at first glance – that is, of course, until I looked closer and finally saw the nĂ¼male (top left) with the shit-eating grin.

    He’s like a Libfruit “Where’s Waldo” or something…


  8. I’m sure the local Republicans are terrified of the awakening power of this bad-ass band of fighters, who look like they bring Q-Tips to a gun battle.

    There’s not a fast-twitch muscle in the entire picture.

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