America Gets The Runs

The readers who submitted this photo writes,

These Color Runs and Taco Runs and Warrior Runs always make me sick. Look at this shit, $69.99 (funny, right?) and you get two whole tacos and a beer (oh and Mariachi music). What a bargain. What a waste of time. It’s like a religion for these shitheads though.

The Run For [X] phenomenon is social connectedness LARPing by an over-diversified people who no longer feel connected to anything but product brands. Fake Community Spirit is the best way to describe these top-down manufactured events.

Oh, and Cinco de Gayo has no place in America. It has to go back.



  1. There’s a broad in the front row who appears to be wearing a purse. This is an attempt to take something worthwhile, i.e. physical fitness, and turn it into just another opportunity to display hipster cynicism.

    And isn’t this an example of the very cultural appropriation that these types are always tut-tutting about?


  2. I don’t run unless there is something chasing me, but I don’t have anything against those who do. I do like Tacos and Beer. Also, Cinco de Mayo is not really celebrated in Mexico, it’s really an American holiday with Mexican decor. I think this is “mostly harmless.”


    1. Most proud and idiotic messicans think it’s mexico’s independence day from Spain, but they’re wrong. These bastards don’t even know their own country’s history

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  3. Everything has to be a party and have rewards at the finish line. Ever been to one of these “races”? It’s like Planet Fitness on a broad (heh) scale. Fat people walk-jogging to the finish line so they can eat.

    Rhe Disney princess runs are hateful. Grown women and men prancing about in tutus and crowns.


  4. It’s most likely that the people in the crowd are weird, especially after paying $69.99… but this photo doesn’t piss me off… everyone is having a good time. There’s 1000 people in that crowd, that’s 700K revenue… if there’s that much pent up demand for fun events, maybe we as the ones who produce civic virtue in our communities are also dropping the ball. Shit dude, I’m down for making money. This group also probably consists of way more K selected individuals than other photos on this blog.


  5. It’s sad that the only way to get people to be physically fit is to have some kind of gimmick or lame gluttony at the end.

    Also, let’s not forget that 5k is only about 3.1 miles. So you pay $70 to do a run that takes most moderate runners about 30 minutes to complete.

    I have friends that do these things and are constantly bugging me to sign up for these things since I run about 5-7 days a week. But 5k is nothing for me, and it would be a waste of a run for me to only do 5k on the streets outside my apartment. No way I’d spend $70 and have to travel somewhere and do it, only to have a bunch of gross food at the end that will completely negate any calories burned on the 5k.


  6. Whenever someone brings up Cinco de Mayo in some sort of celebratory American context, ask what they do for the “4th” down in Mexico.


  7. This is mostly a good thing in my eyes, despite the ridiculous trappings – but I’ll note that long distance running has become popular precisely because it’s the one “sport” where men and women are roughly equal, so people can delude themselves into feminism.


    1. Women are so equal, that the LA Marathon gives them a 20-minute head start over the men. First to cross the finish line wins the Mercedes. And when a man wins despite the 20 minute handicap, next year it’s 21 minutes.
      Shit, women are already predisposed to osteoporosis. They shouldn’t be encouraged to do something as mineral-depleting as distance running. It’s hard to make babies (Woman’s #1 function in life), when you can’t even menstruate.


    2. Long distance running is pushed by (((them))) for two reason. The first is that it is the most anti masculine sport ever invented. Long distance running saps testosterone and destroys muscle. You might as well just chop your balls off. The second reason is that a subset of ni gs are the best at it and making ni gs look superior in front of white women is what (((they))) love.

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  8. Well, when you compare this picture to the one below it, the “Calories ingested – 10,000” picture, this looks pretty good.


  9. The photo looks like there’s a lot of insulin resistance bodies. I think it’s funny that it’s sponsored by Bud light the official beer of East L.A.


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