Calories ingested: 10,000. Calories burned: 1

Automation Nation meets Degradation Nation.



  1. A light snack between meals – they have slow metabolisms. It’s not their fault they are morbidly obese and will continue to swell until their hearts clog with a pound of cheese wiz.


  2. In the year 2525, If man is still alive, Your arms hangin’ limp at your sides, Your legs got nothin’ to do, Some machine’s doin’ that for you. Seriously, there’s a new trend of teenage kids sitting in carts mindlessly texting I’ve noticed that seems to have sprung up in the last six months.

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  3. And the icing on the cake (so to speak) is that we, the taxpayers, are almost certainly paying for their carts. Hmmm… I wonder if there’s a little portapotty in the seat so they don’t even have to get up to go to the can.


  4. Just this year, I’ve noticed a new group of folks using the lazycarts – healthy, relatively height/weight appropriate Black women. Not sure what that portends.


  5. Notice the string tied to his wrist – probably attached to a balloon out of frame. Seeing as how when I worked at Walmart it was the welfare asses who bought the junk like buttons / balloons I’d say Robert What? is probably correct about who is paying.


  6. I once broke my foot and chose to limp with crutches through the store rather then ride one of these. It just seemed wrong somehow.


    1. Me too. I had an agonizing injurying from overdoing it in the gym years ago and I was all set to use one of these on my way to Walmart, but when I got there I just couldn’t do it.


    2. The first time I saw these things, I wanted to scoot around in one of them to embarrass my girlfriend whom I was shopping with – but nope, just couldn’t do it.


  7. Individuals are responsible for their health in the final analysis, but I see two men who could be otherwise healthy, strong, and robust, but they’ve been trained to eat FEED rather than food.

    Keoni Galt has an excellent write up on his HL blog about this, but it’s nothing new and nothing people who have found LCHF Whole Foods Paleo diets don’t already know.

    Everyone gotta come to Jesus on their own, though. Sadly too many people are willing to be like the future humans from Wall-E as the first comment notes. Easy and cheap, easy and controlled.


  8. For a man to allow himself to get so fat, when there is no other disability, such as Down’s Syndrome or paralysis, involved, shows a tremendous want of character. These men should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. They are not real men.

    The same fault in woman is not quite so reprehensible. One does not expect the same strength of will in woman as one does from men.


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