Month: April 2017

Ladies Days

Via RoK, you can find many more photos of independent, empowered, feminist Western women sinking to by-now-familiar lows at the 2017 Grand National horse race Ladies Day.

When UNICEF adoption isn’t a strong enough virtue signal

Call it “Charlize Signaling”. This is one of Charlize Theron’s adopted Africanlets, Jackson, a boy. She has him wearing a yellow dress and pink backpack. I suppose Charlize wasn’t getting a sufficiently potent White-abnegation signaling dopamine hit from adopting black kids, so she upped the ante to cross-dressing her kids, ostensibly in support of a “genderless” world.

In ten years, I predict we’ll read a horrible news story about Charlize Theron’s untimely end at the hand of the one she pretend-loves.