1. If he wanted to leave, he’d have left before the pic. Ideally, when he first walked upon the group, he’d bow out like he found out Ms Fupa there was his blind date.

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  2. Upper right corner (maroon shirt guy).

    The blue plaid shirt dude (looking away from camera) looks borderline retarded.


  3. Three rows up, left side of centerline, blue Pink Floyd tee-shit,hands in pocket, head tilted like the RCA dog trying to figure out how in the fuck he got to this place. Been there.


    1. Afraid they’d be eaten, maybe.

      My goodness.

      And, am I he only wet blanket who refuses to goof-mug a camera just because everyone else thinks it’ll be cool or cute? I stopped doing that when I was about eight, when I’d goof with my siblings after mom took a few serious photos.

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      1. Poo-flinging monkeys display greater dignity when a camera points their way.

        And the dude in the blue shirt, third row far left. What the fuck is that about?


  4. My first instinct is to say the dog. On looking at the people, there are a few who don’t look so happy to be there. I’ll go with Red Polo Man at upper right. Blue & white plaid maybe, but why is he in the center of the group?

    Going by facial expressions, the guy in the blue t-shirt just to the left of Plaid Man is mentally already in the car heading home.


  5. Exactly why black man, white women relationships are so toxic. If black men weren’t so into white women more women would actually put in the effort to look pretty.


    1. What you’re talking about is feminism. It has taken hold throughout all advanced countries. Including Asia where blacks are a non-factor. Feminism is only the latest and most effective form of Jewish social engineering/poisoning ever devised. They have, of course, exempted themselves from it’s effects, as usual.

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  6. Yep, my vote is on blue plaid dude. He can’t wait to get away from these people so he can gear up and take a trip to Budapest.


  7. And as an addendum, judging from the UK attire, I’ll say this took place in backwoods Kentucky. This picture reminds me that my opinion of redneck on redneck breeding is pretty low enough as is. When you throw niggers in the mix, this mongrelization happens.

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  8. I would pick the guy in the red polo over blue plaid based on the way blue plaid is puffing out his chest a bit. But blue plaid could easily be saved with a quick talk by a shitlord. Strangely enough I think skinny guy in Pink Floyd shirt could also be saved and drafted into part of the alt-right online autist army.


  9. The little kid behind Miss Fupa. If he gets out of there without her eating him, he’ll probably grow up to resent all these degenerates. But, yeah, also the guy in the red polo shirt doesn’t look totally retarded. And the guy in the blue plaid had a chance if he can lose his tits.


  10. Moby Dick is married, I’m certain her Captain Ahab is the not the cuck of Kentucky but a runner up looking at this motley crew. All of these men have lower T than the butch woman in the camo pants. These dudes don’t regret nothing and they wouldn’t hesitate to getting their prostate manually stimulated or panning for gold under anyone of the pannus(es) present.


  11. Depending on how you’re using the word “nascent”; is it one of the kids? One is asleep and the other is giving his father a unhappy look. I’m ignoring the black one.


  12. the guy in the middle of the back row, red shirt, is making the universal jack-me-off sign and looks none to happy to be there. he’s also staring aggressively at the camera.

    blue and white plaid guy isn’t happy to be there, but that’s just having standards and a modicum of respect for yourself. his passive go-along-to-get-along demeanor and stare-into-the-distance defines him as some sort of Beta. there seems to be a cluster of “meh” Betas ( Floyd, Eastern and the chink ) around blue plaid guy.

    only two chicks there that are even remotely acceptable are in the bottom right. pink shirt ( is that what they call ‘fuschia’? ) needs to lose 50 lbs but would be SMOKING if she did. dogwelder could use a tit transfusion from fuchsia.


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