Mudshark Propaganda

Ad agencies know what they’re doing. This isn’t about pushing product; it’s about pushing the White race to genetic oblivion.



      1. Dude, get busy getting a girlfriend rather than complaining about pictures!!! :/ You guys act like women sometimes! Fat chicks complaining about skinny chicks instead of hitting the gym! >:I


    1. Funny how that double standard works. When it’s about Walmart, Apple or McDonald’s, it’s all about profits. But, as soon as a “non-White” appears, it’s only about the eradication of a “race”.


  1. Disgusting. Will the coal burning ever end? I doubt as long as the group that no one is allowed to criticize runs the media.


    1. I’m Canadian and I saw that too.

      I don’t understand why more people aren’t wondering why they see so many mixed race couples on TV (almost entirely white women and non-white men) when they are so comparatively small in real life.

      If I ever have children or grandchildren I want them to look like myself and my ancestors. But I guess women probably don’t really care in the end. “War Brides” mixed with no racial in-group preference.


  2. I’ve finally figured out why, in W.F. Buckley’s words, “Jews live like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans”. They want everyone else to mingle and breed like rabbits until they all resemble various colors of shit. Just as beavers turn forest into swamp because swamp is the beaver’s natural habitat, a diverse, r-selected, low-trust, tribal society is the Jew’s natural habitat.

    Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre admitted as much on camera: Jews are dedicated to making you a minority in your own country!

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  3. Ever see those commercials about the chocolate covered “Magnum” ice cream bars?

    What’s weird about this underwear ad you go here is; the woman doesn’t seem to have any affection or desire for the man.

    More about; trying to cause a reaction it feels like from her pose than “erotic”.

    She’s not interacting with him and she’s looking at the viewer instead.

    No energy between the two at all.


  4. Aurini, I’m agog at the childish stuff being marketed to adults.

    Adult coloring books.

    Hello Kitty nightgowns for women. Footy Pajamas.

    I suppose some nostalgia is ok now and then but I draw the line at footy pajamas for grown ups.


  5. Wake me when they do one of these with a White Man/Asian Woman. It’s still the most common mixed race pairing. Though the White man is less like to be celebrated for his open-mindedness, and more likely to be called a pedophile who doesn’t appreciate curvy/fat women.

    That reminds me; I was going to photoshop the White girl into a Jewess every time we get one of these.


  6. Saw this two weeks ago on a billboard in Hollywood. I was driving and had to slow down a bit to see what they were “selling”, that is, the brand that was being pushed.

    And it was one of those portrait style billboards, kind of like they use for movies. It was huge.


  7. Look. White women aren’t anything special, except that they are needed to reproduce us. Blacks and Jews demean their women at every turn. That’s the correct strategy.

    Our own stupid White knights are the ones perpetuating this stupid myth that WW are something unique and precious. You might as well paint a target on them. White Men are the apex of humanity. WW are receptacles.

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  8. OT: why women should not have the right to vote – and belong in the kitchen/bedroom.

    From the Book” We called them the German whores”. I feel bad and cry for the females book which was traitors: Norwegian woman spreading their legs for the enemy.

    “I think almost all the girls were together with a German soldier during the war. And that’s nothing strange. There were many decent, nice boys among them. They were human beings too. But if a girl came in “uløkka” (bad luck – getting prgnant with the enemy) it was pure disaster for her.

    – Norwegian female from Finnmark, obtained from “We called them German sisters”.

    Yep – almost all the girls. Whores by nature. Here is one getting what she earned – Danish whore publicly humiliated:×486.jpg


  9. One thing is how come every mixed race couple on TV always features a white person? Where are the Asian/Latin couples? Or black/asian couples?


  10. I notice that she’s a bottle blonde who is slim now but is only one pregnancy and a few bagels away from blowing up. The guy seems harmless enough, a talented tenth type, right?

    This is hardly the pairing seen in lower class types like my neighborhood. Most of the women are heavily tatted, pierced, and fat, single moms with children by various fathers. One of them is working on getting her custody arrangements set so all of the kids are away with their respective dads at the same time so she can have some freedom (her words. I know people like this IRL). It’s sad.

    I do know two black male/white female couples in my own town. They’re fine, kids are fine, jobs, solid Christians, solid families. But they’re outliers compared to the more dysfunctional pairings I see.

    Class is a yuge issue. I don’t doubt advertisers are prompting white girls to become fantasy fulfillment to any male who wants her, not in the least. It’s how it’s presented as an ok thing for the middle and UMC as a striver option. Lower classes want to emulate their betters, these adverts target them perhaps more than higher classes where family structure reinforces certain preferences and behaviors. Not always, but probably more often but less overtly than one might guess.


  11. Lets be brutally honest here, the advertising agencies along with all of the media (TV, radio, print and movies) is owned/controlled by the Jews. Anybody who says otherwise is a fool. They are the ones pushing this, never forget that.

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  12. I remember the first time I encountered mudsharkery; it was middle school 1998 and the obvious middle school tramps were comparing pictures of Tyson Beckford and Tyrese on their 3 ring binders. Those girls later went on to illustrious careers as high school mothers/dropouts.
    No-one is lining up to get in those dinosaur panties anymore – black or white!

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  13. @Random Guy – she is looking at the viewer with a smirk (the favorite expression of the psychopath). Her message is “This pisses you off – which makes me happy”.

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    1. she is looking at the viewer with a smirk (the favorite expression of the psychopath). Her message is “This pisses you off – which makes me happy”.

      Bingo! that is exactly it.

      the people doing this to us are enjoying torturing us.


  14. Yes but when you follow their helpful advice you can get the future they want. A decadent and diseased planet of deracinated atomized mutant gangs that engage in sodomy and fight small bands of survivalists over dwindling resources of a burned out world that has collapsed. Or maybe that bright future of The Planet of the Apes…

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  15. I knew a female in HS that was into Dindus. She was a solid 8 with Blonde hair. I found out from an old neighborhood friend 15 years later that she got married to the most Aryan dude you could imagine. I saw the Facebook page of her and her kids, they looked like two Swedish girls in a wheat field photo and her husband had the Richard Spencer undercut. I think some of these females go thru a phase and make the right choices in the end. I would bet that the history of their earlier lives are buried forever from their husbands.


    1. @Frank Gappa, you should tell the husband anonymously, it is really pathetic that she goes around bangs all the black guys and “settles” for a white guy who is a provider that takes care of her and the kids. And I am pretty sure she is still cheating on him with some black guys and poor guy would never know. It’s over send him an anonymous email so he can make a decision


  16. Their are many victims, white males, black females, and the biggest victim is the black males. Black males are forever stuck as entertainment for white females while providing a doting hyper-masculine edge with virtue signalling to boot. All men are tools to women but the biggest tool is the one white women can use to stimulate her tingles in various areas without judgement of weight, tats, and beauty which in many cases is the black male.


  17. If you don’t like these ads, MAKE YOUR OWN!!! Seriously!!! Instead of complaining start building! BETAS complain, ALPHAS build! If you are a man running this blog, then start BUILDING instead of acting like a typical SJW Feminist Woman! o.O

    {ed: nearly all the ad agencies are run by an antagonistic ethnoreligious group. it’s easy to channel the “by your bootstraps” argument here online, but irl it’s quite a bit more difficult given the (((barriers))) to entry.}


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