1. What normal white person would want to hang out with that assortment of turd world scum anyway?

    But you’re right, they shouldn’t even be in CA, what a wonderful place Diego used to be back in the day. For a Navy town, anyway.

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  2. McDonalds Ad promotes white step child ‘accepting’ new brown step dad and being part of the family with “Family McValue Box”


  3. Health Information Management? As scary as that sounds, what would any of those students know about health, let alone study to manage other’s health info?

    This is beyond The Twilight Zone. It’s just as the point before the filament goes out.


  4. “Community college”…what’s the point?

    If you can’t hack the real thing, just go to trade school and read.


  5. Being in California that college is basically in Mexico, El Salvador – pick a 3rd world Latin country. Your choice. And you, me and everyone else gets to pick up the bill.


  6. “Perhaps the most dangerous by-product of the Age of Intellect is the unconscious growth of the idea that the human brain can solve the problems of the world. Even on the low level of practical affairs this is patently untrue. Any small human activity, the local bowls club or the ladies’ luncheon club, requires for its survival a measure of self-sacrifice and service on the part of the members. In a wider national sphere, the survival of the nation depends basically on the loyalty and self-sacrifice of the citizens.

    The impression that the situation can be saved by mental cleverness, without unselfishness or human self-dedication, can only lead to collapse.

    Thus we see that the cultivation of the human intellect seems to be a magnificent ideal, but only on condition that it does not weaken unselfishness and human dedication to service. Yet this, judging by historical precedent, seems to be exactly what it does do. Perhaps it is not the intellectualism which destroys the spirit of self-sacrifice—the least we can say is that the two, intellectualism and the loss of a sense of duty, appear simultaneously in the life-story of the nation.” – excerpt from “Fate Of Empires & Search for Survival” by Sir John Glubb, 1976.

    “Now all the Athenians and foreigners who lived there spent their time doing nothing more than hearing and articulating new ideas.” Acts 17:21


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