We Testify Under Penalty Of Exile

The reader who submitted this photos writes,

These are popping up in a town that is 99%+ white and affluent.

Of course. Virtue signaling is the social status currency of wealthy liberal Whites who live far away from the Diversity™ they claim to love. Virtue signaling is also an oath of fealty to their social circle Terms of Inclusion. That signs really reads, “We believe….exactly the same things our well-heeled neighbors believe, so don’t suspect us for one of those low class Whites.”

A more accurate sign:

We Believe
Black Lives Are Props
No Human Is Illegal (unless they’re trespassing on my property)
Love Is Code For Hating The Right People
Women’s Rights Don’t Count For Muslims
Science Of Race And Sex Isn’t Real
Water Is Life (check out my in-ground pool)
Injustice Anywhere But Against Whites Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere



  1. Alternate version:

    Black lives matter as long as its not in my neighborhood.
    No human is illegal as long as they continue to provide cheap labor.
    Love is love really means I am stupid and indiscriminate.
    Womens rights is code for hating men.
    Science is real as long as it fits in with what I want to believe.
    Water is life means I get to pretend to care about this as long you dont interfere with my personal water usage habits.
    Injustice anywhere is code for allowing minorities to run wild.

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  2. I was going to try my hand as soon as I saw that sign. So sensible! So humane!

    We Believe
    Black Crime Doesn’t Matter
    Only Whites don’t Deserve a Homeland
    We Enable Pedophilia
    Women are Always Right
    The Church of Science Must Rule
    Fill Deserts with Third Worlders
    You have no place to escape to. We will hound you ruthlessly.

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    1. Science is a method.

      Why does every cunt that listens to NPR or has watched NOVA fancy themselves scientists?

      They believe in the results of big science which is 100% controlled by big finance which is controlled by … YKW.

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      1. Science IS a method – The Scientific Method; but notice how the cold equations of that method are NEVER EVER used to diffuse the warm litany of these airy “feelz”.

        The “right” religions always seem to get a free pass from Occam’s Razor.


  3. Blacks Are Matter
    No Illegal Is Human
    Sodomy Is Death
    Women Get Extra Rights
    Real Science: You Won’t Fuckinglove It
    Free Water Down At The River. Help Yourself.
    Justice Is Coming

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  4. “No human is illegal”

    Post their fucking address. I will be living in their house soon. They must pay my rent. Its what they believe.


  5. Just saw one a couple of blocks over in my 99% white town. It said “Sanctuary” in a bunch of different languages.

    The hypocrisy is reaching levels that shouldn’t even be possible. No way in hell are the residents of this over-priced, virtue-signalling shitlib neighborhood going to host a single MS-13 fugitive in their home.

    Burglaries and/or home invasions don’t count.


    1. Interesting that four of the ten researchers in the “How young White males react to pictures of White and Black faces” have Asian names. A fifth is Latina.


  6. One day very soon, these clueless, white liberals will wake up to a family member being killed by an illegal, a daughter or sister violated by a black and a Muslim performing a “female circumcision” on one of their infant female family members. At which time, they’ll be clamoring for Alpha white males to fight for them and justice. Unfortunately, I have a previous engagement scheduled that day.

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    1. The better question is, why is it filed under “Celebrity”? Does yahoo automatically think every coalburner is a Kardashian now?


  7. I found the gate behind the car an especially ironic touch. “We believe in this stuff but go above and beyond to secure and protect our property.”


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