1. Came to age 21 in the mid-90s. The pressure to be this girl was not there, but maybe for different reasons. My parents took me to dinner for my birthday, with siblings and a few friends. I ordered a glass of wine, felt like a big girl.

    But I had work to do and responsibilities. Purpose. Lack of purpose distorts purpose.

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  2. For every female rocket scientist that feminism gave us, a million tattooed up, drunken degenerate std infected whores were created.

    not to mention the tens of millions of white babies those “””career girls””” killed trough abortion which gives a reason for our traitorous anti-white leaders ( whom single white women always vote for ) to import hordes of non-whites.

    A return of the plague would have caused less damage to western civilization than Feminism has.( it will take a couple hundred years to repair the damage caused by a few decades of liberal feminism …)

    A feminist is “famous” for having said ” women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle”

    well…western civilization needs drunken tattooed up std infected whores who kill babies even less.

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    1. Hmm… I like it: “Civilization needs feminist, drunken, tattooed, blue haired, pierced, std infected whores like a fish needs a bicycle.” That could easily work. Good t-shirt.

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    1. Nice job adding to the white woman bashing.

      But looks like you arrived about 15 years late in this case:

      Don’t worry, there’s still hope you can get in on the ground floor. See the next/later entry, “Kiddie Fodder.” Looks like there’s an opening, kneeling at the right of the picture as “Step Dad’s Sidepiece.”

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    1. Why add “White girl” at the end?

      its their way of bashing white people/ it is self hatred.

      when something is bad, shamefull, ugly, unfair or degenerate it must be associated with whites.

      when something has to do with colored people it is vibrant or ” our greatest strength”

      They don’t always do it consciously, it is like Pavlov’s dog, years of training/brainwashing makes them bash whites reflexively.

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      1. For the moment, “White girl” is a winning position. Riding both sides of the fence between privilege and oppression – and probably considered the most desired women in the world (the attractive ones, anyways).

        All thanks to us, mind you. But this is probably why some WW love the current state of affairs.

        I’m increasingly viewing WW as baby factories with little other use. And we need to ramp up production.


      2. I think the proper play is to allow unfettered immigration of women and children from these migrant countries. Not ideal; but it would be difficult for the media to spin-up much sympathy for mass migration of fighting age males without a family.


    2. I would guess it’s to be self deprecating around the type of diverse “people” she’ll be getting wasted around. Remember, it’s only rape if she wakes up from her black out in the bed of someone regrettable to have slept with, a clean cut nerdy white guy.

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  3. Progression for this kind of slag:

    21 years old: Looks better than you, knows better than you, deserves better than you, spends your money better than you.

    26 years old: Skin starts looking like an orange rind covered in house paint; a genius at everything, just ask her.

    35 years old: Rust-covered muscle car: coulda been nice, if it hadn’t been totaled 10 years ago.

    45 years old: Draws attention the same way hotel furniture does: you only notice it when its blocking a hallway or covered in vomit.

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  4. “Get white girl wasted”… the adjective “white girl” which modifies “wasted” describes a unique state of intoxication known only in Western societies, and unique to young, white women of middle to upper class standing. It refers to a state of intoxication for which there are comparative little consequences. The woman is permitted to engage in foolish, rude, condescending, obscene etc. behavior with complete impunity at a level that would get any man or any women of lower social standing arrested or (justifiably) assaulted. White men of every social class are strictly required to indulge and protect the women in this state.

    Patriarchy, y’all…


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