When UNICEF adoption isn’t a strong enough virtue signal

Call it “Charlize Signaling”. This is one of Charlize Theron’s adopted Africanlets, Jackson, a boy. She has him wearing a yellow dress and pink backpack. I suppose Charlize wasn’t getting a sufficiently potent White-abnegation signaling dopamine hit from adopting black kids, so she upped the ante to cross-dressing her kids, ostensibly in support of a “genderless” world.

In ten years, I predict we’ll read a horrible news story about Charlize Theron’s untimely end at the hand of the one she pretend-loves.


  1. White women virtue signalling with black children is nothing new. Many noble women would have their portraits painted like this.


    1. Nobody ever said the red pill was easy to swallow. Lets all face the music. ALL high budget entertainment is relentlessly pushing the gay adgenda. I beleive this is synonymous with the transexual adgenda. Which i beleive, ultimately, comes down to the transhumanist adgenda. Entertainment is fucking GAY. Music, theater, mainstream news (duh), movies, comics, and all popular internet pages. This isnt just “beauty and the beast”…


      rant over.

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  2. Evil. How many kids out there have been pushed/encouraged by their psycho attention whoring mommies into becoming trannies?


  3. We should start lobotomising and sterilizing these capitol people for the greater good. Then we can hand out all those riches they have to poor Americans just like they always claim to want.

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  4. Don’t forget Theron is linked to the murder of her father.

    “In ten years, I predict we’ll read a horrible news story about Charlize Theron’s untimely end at the hand of the one she pretend-loves.”

    Does she love?


  5. Normally I believe black males who brutally murder white women should be hanged by the neck until dead.

    I’d make an exception for this Dindu though.


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