1. The only male in that entire place getting a hard-on is the nog. No white man with any sense would have gone to that show and any male in the audience/symphony is either gay, a cuck or so low-T there is no hope of wood. That and the fact everyone of those, ahem, womyn were enough incentive to remain flaccid for life.

    When is the “Hello America” site coming?

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  2. Part of that looks staged…the woman in the dark dress that was the first to shake her butt, to turn around, show her butt and point to her butt and who was the only one dancing like a black woman, who was the ONLY ONE capable of twerking and who happens to have a bigger butt than most other women is an hired actress.

    she is a hired actress, they picked her and paid her to do that.

    She was in on this, the rest of the women are just ” extras”, naive women who volunteered.

    either way it is a disgrace.

    Symphonic music is one of the most refined things on this planet while shaking your ass in people’s face and doing vulgar moves to one of the least refined music on this planet is one of the least refined things.

    blacks are encouraging women to debase themselves in public

    everything is desecrated, every one of the refined things whites have accomplished are desecrated one after the other by both colored people and the fvcked up in the head white liberals who welcome this disrespect this desecration, this destruction of everything the white race has accomplished.

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    1. He is. I met him and we had a short conversation at a concert including his music in Seattle about four years ago. He is one of Sergei’s grandsons. Oddly, he has a mild English accent. I liked his piece (for string orchestra) — cool and wistful, with passing allusions to grandpa Prokofieff’s pungent wrong-note harmonies. If The Cure wrote for orchestra, it might sound like this.


  3. This was a couple years ago IIRC. Seattle Symphony got some negative feedback that I’m guessing rolled off their back in the Age of Obama…but they might be taking seriously today.

    Anthony Ray (Sir Mix-a-Lot) was born in Seattle, made his career in Seattle, and lives in an 4700-sf $3/4 mill crib on 7 1/2 acres in the southerly suburb of Auburn, only about 5% black. Not in, say, the more melanized parts of Pugetopolis.

    His various bio sketches talk about how Seattle in the 1970s were such hard times, they were akin to Da Hood N Sheet. So in other words like other blue collar family black males his age he rode deindustrialization–which primarily targeted and affected white working class men–to a sort of ghetto street cred. Similar example, opposite coast: Brent Staples.

    Last I heard Ray was collaborating with various blacks and whites to retcon the 1970s in Seattle as far more black than they actually were. I mean, today, Seattle is only 2/3 “non-Hispanic white.” But still only 8% black.

    White women get nowhere in this town without heavily melanin signalling. Opportunities to do that are ritually supplied by The Culture-Makers in comparatively safe settings such as gyrating like this at Symphony Hall. In this, the Anthony Rays are Diversitopia’s house negroes of the first water.

    Ray certainly gots himself some back, having porked up bigly.

    I understand that one of his biggest revenue streams in the 1990s was cell phone ring tones of this appalling song. On the other hand, the girls made fun of in the intro to the song were presented as valley girl Jewesses. So there’s that.


    1. ^^^What is really funny about this photo is the “Athletic Club” in the next parking lot over from the restaurant that she clearly just came out of after gorging (some remnants are located in the take-away box that can be seen on top of her car). How nicely it all fits together.


  4. Anytime you’re cruising along the road and you get a warm feeling when Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion is playing on whatever classic rock station you’re listening too, remember that it was these a**holes that were at the vanguard of destroying white culture with the 1986 Walk This Way remake with Run DMC. It’s all been down hill ever since.

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  5. This is pretty old stuff, from at least three years ago. The Seattle gaystream media covered it on their evening fake newscasts, while they ignore all other Seattle Symphony concerts. It must embarrass the mostly White musicians, who are some of the best on Earth.

    It’s sickening when Whites seek black approval of White achievements like classical music, as if blacks somehow legitimate or validate our art. I was at a concert in Portland, OR about five years ago where the conductor reassured the White audience that some random african exchange student enjoyed the music we were about to hear because one passage (involving foot stomping and guttural chanting by the musicians, ha!) reminded said african of his native land’s music. Who effin cares?!

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  6. This performance is meant to lower the standards of music and to demoralize the populace and get them to reject objective standards of truth and beauty by getting them to accept some kind of belief that good art is merely relative from one person to another.

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  7. Similar to this juxtaposition, I heard on NPR this morning (I listen to see where the opposition is being guided) a story of a choral/hip hop libretto currently on stage to mark the 10th anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting. Full of bizarre white women choral moaning paired up with awkward gay black men rapping.


  8. I’ll condemn the event, but can’t fault MixALot for accepting a gig in his home town. I give him a pass on a lot because I got exposed to one of his early works. Go find his “No Holds Barred” from Mack Daddy and tell me the NRA has -ever- produced propaganda half as effective as that. Guy has been Woke far longer than the term has existed. He also knows what he can and can’t get away with and still keep the money rolling in, can’t fault that either.


  9. Gee honey that equality makes you look fat. Only a black guy with no taste and monkey viruses will want your two ton equality. And then what? Abandonment, poverty, illness and kids as dumb as apes. Welcome to your feminist future.


  10. This was a bit of a trend in amateur orchestras back 15 years ago when I was trained in classical violin and guitar, except back then it was the white guitar players soloing on Metallica’s Unforgiven who reaped the harem and cucked the string section. Also, these lowered standards were mostly tolerated by middle and high school orchestras. The orchestra accepts these cuck assignments out of a misplaced hope that appealing to low IQ audiences will spur some kind of mass demand for complex subtlety in music. It’s a beta try hard move as a stage presentation and almost as cucked as dressing and acting just like the guy your girlfriend is always talking about. If the orchestra had any honor they would walk out on the conductor. Times like these positively demand #deadniggerforest2017.


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