1. Nope, those look like man-boobs to me. If it was female with that level of fat I think it would have huge sloppy udders.


  2. A divide in the air. Many women have scoffed at avoiding disrespect. Were they never guided by feminine role models in the first place or are they wilfully choosing. Sacrificing everything for 15 mins of fame. How soul crushing it must be to conciously avoid pride. A bull in a China shop, intentional destruction.


    1. > How soul crushing it must be to conciously avoid pride

      If there’s one thing I try to impart to the younger shell-shocked men I know, it’s this.

      Teaching white women to embrace degeneracy as liberation was the keystone victory of the (((MSM))) in the 20th century and first 15 years of this one.

      Unpacking it is going to involve addressing exactly what you say here. Maybe we can get the attention of some by casting it as the Unpaid Housework of the House of Degeneracy.

      The love of my life and our daughters get it. Our girls choose friends who do. But they are constantly propagandized that to be a heroine means doing the opposite of what respectful/respectable people say to do. The elevation of degenerates to positions of respect doesn’t help much.

      The likely biologically female creatures in the photo–they are lost for sure and for good.

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  3. They are really showing the male dominanted patriarchy establishment oppressors the error of their ways. I’m sure the hedge fund managers and corporate industrialists will all be quitting their jobs and calling their lawyers to change their wills and leave everything to these brave, insightful, women who don’t care about cisgender judgement.


  4. The clippity clop of hooves can faintly be heard over the whirring friction noise of the nylon. Where’s a goat fucker with freightliner when you need one?


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