1. #realstupidity

    2 Y/O kid with that level of awareness = virtue signaling mom telling one hell of a fish tail.

    Up next: adopting a dindu so she has a vibrant family.

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    1. Disagree. What if the mom passed epigenetic virtue signaling genetic knowledge onto the kid and its coming through. If the moms a millenial she got it from her boomer parents. It then trickled down to the kid.


  2. Another excerpt from The Book of Shit That Never Happened. I am only surprised the parent wasn’t literally shaking as a result of this imaginary encounter.

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    1. lol my thoughts exactly. I’m guessing that the bitch bought her kid the nagger doll, kid posed for picture and smiled because, “Hey I’m a kid and look! New toy!”, and then mom writes made-up story about this crap for attention whoring and feelz.


  3. her story is obviously a lie or a very embellished story, she is obviously suffering from typical white liberal guilt and of that disease that makes them want to replace the white race with colored

    she is on facebook, her page says she is CEO of a company named ” Make believe”

    make believe…you don’t say

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    1. I made a mistake,

      her company is Benner inc,

      she works at the department of make believe

      sounds like another fake thing

      she seems to be a compulsive liar on top of hating her own race.


      1. And her own daughter.

        A mother who truly loved her own beautiful little white daughter would not be using her as a horse to ride in the anti-white hate derby…that she then advertises to the world.

        Also, no sane or loving mother puts an infant’s photo out on Faceberg for consumption by pedos etc.

        It’s an obviously bogus tale. However I extracted amusement from Mommy Brandi’s virtue-signalling fest:

        Obviously much attention has been fixated on the child’s bowel movements for awhile.

        The child was picking out a toy to celebrate pooping in the potty for a month.

        We are told by Mommy to believe she, the child, chose…a brown doll.


  4. Whatever happened to giving your female cousins, nieces, etc cheap little black baby dolls from Wal-Mart as birthday gag gifts? It never failed to get a laugh, or two.

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    1. Agree. Totally staged and coached. Nice catch on the body language, which is very reminiscent of what women do with friend-zoned men….

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    2. I noted that too. When my girls were that age and photos with dolls were taken, they held the dolls close, cheek to cheek. Or they pointed the doll’s face at the camera, even coached them. “Smile for the camera, Missy. Let’s wave!” Etc.

      I feel deep sadness for this little girl. It infuriates me to see women treat their offspring like this.

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  5. “The obsession is real”. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like an awkward statement. I think mommy is projecting some unspoken obsession of her own.

    Also a clean house? What kind of virtue signaling leftist keeps a house that clean.

    Yeah, totally fake.

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  6. Well, sure, all of *my* kids knew what a stethoscope is and could pronounce the word when they were two years old. After all, I’m smart and have the correct fashionable opinions, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    What’s that? Importing 20 million Somalis is going to make Minnesota look like Somalia? No, no, we have this magic dirt, you see, and that statue in New York…


  7. A few progtarded friends shared this on FB the other day. First thing I thought was “ridiculous mom using her kid as SJW warfare fodder.”

    Yep. Still think so.

    Even when I was little I didn’t want Orange Marmalade doll from the Strawberry Shortcake universe.


    1. Unless this girl is a child prodigy like Mozart, that dialogue is totally made up. Like jeangray07 wrote – way too advanced for a two year old.


    2. That maybe be the main point, the shameless AND fallacious boasting half-hidden in the virtue signaling: “Not only does my amazing darling have preternaturally perfect progressive politics, shes also a much smarter and more advanced for her age Doogie Howser! Suck it and see, all you other sad sack FB mommies with your still shitting their drawers retard children!”


  8. These little p.c. canards crop up all of the time. The one that comes to mind that I heard recently: the old racist outspoken white guy haranguing the poor mother Mexican immigrant at the Wal-Mart checkout line only to be confronted by the young, strong, liberal woman to the gleeful cheers of the rest of the customers. File this one under #thatreallyhappened


  9. Contemporary white female liberal guilt = white women spending formative college and university years letting Haakim and Tyrone split their anuses and pussies with efnik cocks so they can signal how open and non-racist they are, while flipping a proverbial finger to eeeveeel father and ‘Patriarchy’.
    The very people that worked so hard to build civilization where daughters can better themselves and not worry about gender discrimination in the slightest.


  10. “And then the cashier responded: You don’t look like you’re playing doctor. You look like you’re playing prison warden.”

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    1. Damn…

      When you reach a certain level of wealth/power in this world, you can destroy human lives with impunity. The vast, vast majority upon reaching this level, take advantage of this privilege. It must be very hard to decline.

      It doesn’t matter if you’ve read the Bible or not or if you believe it or not… if you’re over 30 and still don’t understand who the real prince of this world is, you’re lost. Past 30, you either find yourself in enemy occupied territory surrounded by evil or part of the evil.

      There’s no other choice.


  11. A 2 and a half year old girl knows what the word “stethoscope” means? Total bullshit. I bet this poor girl is going to be called racist because all of her boyfriends are blue eyed white guys.


  12. A friend of mine got divorced last year, they live in a small midwest town that is predominantly white. His ex-wife got their 3 year old daughter a black doll for Christmas, because she wanted to expose her to diversity.
    I told him about my aunt who got the last 2 Cabbage Patch Kids (when they were the must have toy) in a store before Christmas for her w daughters. One doll was white, one black. The daughter she gave the black doll to when she was 5, became a mudshark at 16, and currently has 4 kids that taxpayers are paying to raise. The one who got the white doll, went to college, got married, and has 2 kids she can afford to feed, clothe, and house.

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  13. http://www.naacpldf.org/brown-at-60-the-doll-test

    For those who have likely never heard of “The Doll Test” you will likely find the comparison ironic.

    “Drs. Clark used four dolls, identical except for color, to test children’s racial perceptions. Their subjects, children between the ages of three to seven, were asked to identify both the race of the dolls and which color doll they prefer. A majority of the children preferred the white doll and assigned positive characteristics to it. The Clarks concluded that “prejudice, discrimination, and segregation” created a feeling of inferiority among African-American children and damaged their self-esteem.”

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  14. Marxist brainwashed Mom is merely trying to remediate her shame over being racist and having a white baby instead of an kosher approved little niglet.


  15. We bought a large quantity of new in box vintage Barbie dolls to resell on eBay. Sold them all except for an “African American Barbie”. Keep dropping the price but no one is interested. Hmmmm…..


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