1. I’m not a religious man, I’m an agnostic ( yet still a catholic ), but to me it is very obvious that new pope is an impostor, he was put in place to do pro-left propaganda. He is a full on libtard.

    Out of curiosity I visited a religious blog and it turns out almost every Christian hates him.

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    1. It’s not just Francis – the entire Church has been infiltrated – from the parish priest all the way to the Vatican. Read Bella Dodd’s memoir to get an idea as to how the commies set the wheels in motion. Vatican II, Liberation Theology, etc were the work of freemasonry/Marxism. We need another Pius X.

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      1. Freemasony Marxism, no matter what crap you assert. Since the catholic church gave Phillip of France cover to murder and rob the Templars its all been downhill for the popes and the catholics.


  2. Antipope. Benedict is still wearing the vestments. He’s in grave error, but he’s still the Pope, not this marxist fraud.


    1. Former Cardinal Ratzinger does not lay any claim to the Holy See since he abdicated. Jorge Bergoglio MAY be a modernist in white, a walking mass of error and hubris, a crappy catholic, but he is NOT an Anti-Pope.


      1. Yes, he does. He says he embodies the contemplative role of the Pope, while Bergoglio plays the active roll. One Pope in two bodies. It’s utter nonsense, but that’s what he’s claiming.


  3. What is the date and context of this photo? The pope in the photo appears to me to be John Paul II, but I’ll (gladly) stand corrected on this point.


    1. +Francis wears white. It’s him.

      The man is supposedly the Patriarch of Rome, and he kisses Muslims’ feet and Jews’ hands. Powerful symbolism for both groups.

      “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” Equals kiss each other on the cheek. This Pope’s obsequiousness with people well below his station is socially inappropriate and offensive to his rank as successor to +Peter.


  4. This kind of ritual self humiliation is never reciprocated. We only ever see those of the Christian faith prostrating and humbling themselves before other faiths.


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